GPS Projects

This category consists of GPS based project for final year students. GPS projects can be useful for telecom engineers and electronics engineering students. Electronics and electrical final year students can download gps projects with project report and abstracts.

Location-Based System for Mobile Devices Using RFID

The LOCATION-BASED SYSTEM FOR MOBILE DEVICES USING RFID project Location based system for the mobile devices using RFID using used to find out the devices or people which are moving from one floor to other floor. The current system using the cameras we can only view the persons but we don’t get the details of the(…)

Boarding School Students Monitoring Systems (E-ID) Using Radio Frequency Identification

Boarding school students monitoring systems (E-ID) using radio frequency identification DESCRIPTION: In this system we are using the radio frequency identification reader (RFID reader) and tags should be given to each student. And the RFID reader should be connected to our personal computer. Whenever student put his RFID tag near to the RFID reader then the student(…)

The Role of Zigbee In Future Data Communication Abstract

THE ROLE OF ZIGBEE IN FUTURE DATA COMMUNICATION (ABSTRACT): Wireless communication is very important in war scenario, where secure data communication is required. In this work we are going to develop a communication link which is secured wireless link using ZIGBEE.   This ZIGBEE IN FUTURE DATA COMMUNICATION Final year 2012 project main aim to send data(…)

Bus Detection Device for the Blind Using Passive RFID Application Abstract

RFID is a wireless personal area networking standard which provides features like non line of sight detection of tag by RFID reader from a distance of up to 1.5 meter. This feature help in using RFID in many applications.     This Bus detection device for the blind using passive RFID application (ABSTRACT) project demonstrates the concept of(…)

Car Park System: A Review of Smart Parking System and Its Technology Abstract

This Car Park System: A Review of Smart Parking System and Its Technology Abstract project aimed to design a car parking system. When the person wants to park his car then first he has to keep the RFID card at the Reader then the microcontroller module consisting of display unit will displays the in time on(…)

Power ON/OFF Control Home Electric Outlets Based On Zigbee Wireless Communication through PC

This  Power ON/OFF Control Home Electric OUTLETS BASED on zigbee wireless communication through PC  project demonstrates the concept controlling the home appliances remotely using PC and Zigbee wireless communication. We can control the entire home appliance like Refrigerator, Table Fans, and Air conditioning etc by sitting in front of the Personal Computer. Input will be given(…)

Zigbee for Building Control Wireless Sensor Networks Abstract

 In this ZIGBEE FOR BUILDING CONTROL WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORKS  project we are using the two microcontrollers. ZIGBEE, fire sensor and home appliances are interfaced one microcontroller, ZIGBEE transceiver, switch, and Buzzer is connected to the microcontroller. Whenever the fire occurs in any building then the signal will go through the ZIGBEE transmitter and received by the(…)

Security Management System for Oilfield Based On Zigbee Wireless Communication Abstract

This Embedded System Final Year Project Security Management System for Oilfield Based on Zigbee Wireless Communication (Abstract) Main objective is to security level management in Gas & Oil Basd companies. By using this project all the information can be transmitted to the destination section where the destination section can send the out values to the(…)


 This MONITORING OF AN AEROPONIC GREENHOUSE WITH A SENSOR NETWORK  project describes the sensor node was developed   using off-the-shelf components and consists of sensors, a micro-controller and a low-powered Zigbee module . The objective of this 2012 Embedded System Final Year project is to design a simple, easy to install, microcontroller-based circuit to monitor and(…)


RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE REMOTE I/O DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEM BASED ON EMBEDDED ARM PLATFORM (ABSTRACT): Data Acquisition Systems, as the name implies, are products and/or processes used to collect information to document (or) to analyze some phenomenon. The measured data can be transmitted from the ZIGBEE at the remote location; this data is received by the(…)