Embedded System Abstracts

Electronics and electrical final year students can select best topic form embedded system abstracts listed below. Embedded system projects listed here are for free download. Students can select topic for mini and major projects on embedded systems.

Electrical and Electronics Project Report on Solar Power Generation with Auto Tracking System

Introduction to Solar Power Generation with Auto Tracking System Project: The main objective of this paper is to give idea of Solar generation. Now a days electrical energy has become most important factor. Each and every equipment made today uses electricity. The usage of electrical devices is also growing. This made electrical energy so valuable. To(…)

ECE Final Year Project Report on Three Way Controlled Robotic Arm

Introduction to Three Way Controlled Robotic Arm Project: The main objective of this paper is to give idea of robotic arm. This purely involves robotics. For example, in the past the manufacturing process is manual. This manual system involves more amount of time and huge amount of labor is required. Due to these reasons automation have(…)

Electronics and Communication Training Report on Carriage and Wagon Workshop

Introduction to Carriage and Wagon Workshop Project: In this paper we will discuss about the workshop held at dahod. We discuss about the products manufactured at BG electric locomotive workshop. This is famous for rebuilding WAM4 and WAM5 locos which have advanced features like dynamic breaks, static converters and microprocessor controls. In this we will see(…)

Electronics and Communication Project Report on JPEG Image Compression

Even after the development in the data transfer rates and bandwidths the transfer has become very costly in the applications has the image contains a lot of information. So there is need for compression techniques where the image will be encoded in a format and is transmitted over the network. The image will be decoded(…)

Wireless Electronic Notice Board Using RF Electronics Project Report

Introduction to Wireless Electronic Notice Board Using RF Electronics Project: Now a day’s providing data security has become very prominent and is increases the quality of communication. If there are no security measures for the data then the data can be easily hacked or diverted which reduces the quality of communication. We see electronic notice boards(…)

Segmentation of Pathological and Healthy Tissues with Reduced Weighted Vectors Using Hybrid Intelligence Techniques

For a doctor to make a better diagnosis of the tissues he needs perfect repots of the pathological tissues. There are various segmentation methods followed for obtaining the pictures but the proposed algorithm is better than other methods. The proposed method is for detection of pathological tissues and normal tissues and CSF of human brain(…)

Multiple Devices Switching Through PC Electronics Engineering Project Report

Introduction to multiple device switching: We use various switching techniques for controlling the devices in industries. Microcontroller based switching is the most common technique which is used for switching the devices in industries. In this paper we will see switching of devices by using a Pc. We will see how the switching is possible by(…)

Temperature Monitoring System Using AT89C51 ECE Project Report

Introduction to Temperature Monitoring System Using AT89C51 Project: The proposed design is to provide industrial automation is useful for monitoring the temperature of the devices. This is a low cost circuit which is efficient for detecting the temperature changes in the industrial equipment. A microcontroller is used which monitors are the components according to the given(…)

3 Phase Appliance Protector Electrical Engineering Final Year Project Report

Introduction to 3 Phase Appliance Protector Electrical Engineering Project: In many industries we find 3 phase motors for running different equipment. The three phase are less expensive and they can be started easily when compared to that of DC motors. The three phase motors are very sensitive and they get damaged when any of the phases(…)

Feedback Linearization Method for Improvement of Power Systems Transient Stability Mini Project Report

Introduction to Feedback Linearization Method for Improvement of Power Systems Transient Stability Mini Project: Any device cannot give 100 percent output from the given input. All the devices which we are using are cable of give two thirds of the supplied input as output. So we need to increase the output efficiency and there are various(…)