Electronics Seminar Topics

Download All ECE ( Electronics & Communication Engineering) Final Year Seminar Topics, technical Presentations and ppt’s. B.tech ece students can select latest topics form below mentioned list and download seminar report and paper presentations. This list consists of Electronics Seminar Topics on latest technology like gps, gsm , wireless communication with abstract and full report

Laser Torch Based Communication System

In  Laser Torch Based Communication System project we implemented a new generation “laser torch-based voice Transmitter and receiver” which is a good replacement for the present day communication systems. Starting from the optical fiber communication wireless communication had taken several modifications recently laser based communication is gaining much attention in the field of space research and(…)

Non Volatile Memory Technology Symposium

In our project non volatile memory technology symposium (OUM); we presented solution for the limitations facing by the modern day digital memory devices. Ovonics Unified Memory (OUM) is the most advanced technology which had unique abilities in proving High endurance, low power, nonvolatile RAM with high speed facilities. Non Volatile Memory Technology Symposium OUM is(…)

Satellite Communications Seminar

The ground based use radio frequency waves for transmission and reception of the information in between transmitter and the end systems. But radio can be used in satellite communication but they have some distortions, so microwaves are used in satellite communications. In this Satellite Communications Seminar paper we will see the frequency ranges used for transmitting the(…)

8 Candidate Quiz Buzzer Using At89c51 Microcontroller

The proposed 8 Candidate Quiz Buzzer design is used in quiz competition when they use buzzer for opting their turn. The proposed design is a microcontroller (AT89C51) based design and we use an AT89C51 microcontroller which belong s to the family of 8051 microcontrollers. In this paper we will see how the circuit design is made and(…)

Recycling Technology Innovation Paper Presentation Seminar Topic

Introduction to Recycling Technology Innovation: When we feel a certain thing of no use we throw it has a waste. The natural wastes can be dumped in the soil and they get decomposed after some years and they do not pollute the soil or the environment. Here We have implemented Recycling Technology Innovation for reducing electronic wastage’s in present business(…)

Automation of Cars using Embedded Systems Technology

Brief on automation of cars: In the Automation of Cars system we have a receiver and it receives the signals from the transmitter. We can use microprocessor based design or a microcontroller based design depending on the requirement. We can use a finger scanner for locking the car and a navigator can be placed in the car(…)

IABP Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump Seminar Topic

Seminar Title: IABP Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump Seminar Topic Introduction: IABP Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump is the device that is used in the cardiac applications. They are used in the medical field for the operation like heart transplant, coronary artery bypass surgery. They are also used in the pharmacotherapy for helping the ventricular functions. They are used in(…)

B.tech Final Year Technical Seminar Topics on Bluetooth Based Smart Sensor Networks

Introduction to Technical Seminar Topics on Bluetooth Based Smart Sensor Networks: A lot multiple devices are launched in markets in today’s generation. Where each and every device is connected with the wireless communication system. Same device that is launched in last few years is the Bluetooth which is completely a wireless communication device which is(…)