Electronics projects Topics

This category consists of electronics projects abstracts, ECE project reports and paper presentations. Students can select best electronics project topics on robotics, embedded systems, GPS, GSM, wireless communication ..etc. Here we provide full project reports for electronic projects and abstracts with circuit diagrams.
These projects can be used for mini and major projects which covers new topics and ideas.

RFID Based Shopping Trolley Project

The main objective of RFID based shopping trolley Project is to implement an RFID based security system to improve the speed of purchase. Recent years there are lot of changes occurred in terms of economic growth, living conditions, and global markets. RFID Based Shopping Trolley Project Looks like: In order fulfill these needs technology had(…)

ECG Monitoring System Project

n this “ECG Monitoring System Project Report”, we presented a portable tele monitoring ECG based on Zigbee wireless communication module. The monitoring terminal will process the ECG signals and transfer it to the control system by means of Zigbee link. Need of ECG Tele monitoring System: In order to understand the patient condition effectively in(…)

Laser Torch Based Communication System

In  Laser Torch Based Communication System project we implemented a new generation “laser torch-based voice Transmitter and receiver” which is a good replacement for the present day communication systems. Starting from the optical fiber communication wireless communication had taken several modifications recently laser based communication is gaining much attention in the field of space research and(…)

Non Volatile Memory Technology Symposium

In our project non volatile memory technology symposium (OUM); we presented solution for the limitations facing by the modern day digital memory devices. Ovonics Unified Memory (OUM) is the most advanced technology which had unique abilities in proving High endurance, low power, nonvolatile RAM with high speed facilities. Non Volatile Memory Technology Symposium OUM is(…)

Remote Controlled Fan Regulator Project Report

In this paper the remote controlled fan regulator project gives a better solution in order to access the electrical appliances in very quick time. Recently micro controller based automation strategies creating tremendous changes in this particular field. Remote Controlled Fan Regulator In present day industrial automation wireless technologies are playing a vital role in appliance(…)

Automatic Room Lamp Abstract

Automatic Room Lamp DESCRIPTION : First, let us understand why to use Automatic room Lamp? Now-a-days we are going through lots of advertisments of saving electric energy. With the help of Automatic room Lamp we can save and reuse energy. Find the simple block diagram of Automatic room Lamp. The above block diagram of Automatic(…)

Recycling Technology Innovation Paper Presentation Seminar Topic

Introduction to Recycling Technology Innovation: When we feel a certain thing of no use we throw it has a waste. The natural wastes can be dumped in the soil and they get decomposed after some years and they do not pollute the soil or the environment. Here We have implemented Recycling Technology Innovation for reducing electronic wastage’s in present business(…)

Automation of Cars using Embedded Systems Technology

Brief on automation of cars: In the Automation of Cars system we have a receiver and it receives the signals from the transmitter. We can use microprocessor based design or a microcontroller based design depending on the requirement. We can use a finger scanner for locking the car and a navigator can be placed in the car(…)