Electrical Seminar Topic

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Density Based Traffic Light Control System Report

In this density based traffic light control system project we presented an micro controller based traffic density controller for solving issues in existing system. Density Based Traffic Light Control System Now a day’s traffic controlling in the urban areas is becoming very difficult due to enormous increase of automobiles. So in order to rectify this(…)

Industrial Robotics Project

Industrial robotics Project Report highlights the importance of the manipulating robots in the present day advanced modified manufacturing techniques in industries. Apart from the conventional manual manufacturing process these automated techniques plays a vital role in performing repetitive tasks and their by increases the productivity levels. Here in this paper we particularly concentrate on the(…)

10 Gigabit Ethernet Seminar

10 GIGABIT ETHERNET Introduction: LAN forms basis for all fields like commercial, can be research and even data communication. But the present application asks for higher bandwidth so that huge data is sent. Ethernet which is a cost-effective technology is being used for all local area networks. For high speed a transmission medium called coaxial(…)

Low Power Design in VLSI M.tech ECE Presentation PPT

Introduction to Low Power Design in VLSI M.tech ECE Presentation: The electronics industry has achieved a consistent growth over two decades mostly to the advances in integration technologies and large-scale systems design – i.e. due to the advent of VLSI. The number of applications based on integrated circuits resulted in high-performance computing, telecommunications, and consumer electronics(…)

Electrical Seminar Topic and PPT on Broadband over Power lines

Introduction to Electrical Seminar Topic on Broadband over Power lines: This paper presentation seminar is about broadband over the power lines. These applications are completely based on the electrical devices and much more related to the sector of the electric gadgets. The broadband over power lines abbreviated as the BPL is the new scientific technology which(…)

Bluetooth Based Smart Sensor Networks ECE Seminar Report

Introduction to Bluetooth Based Smart Sensor Networks Seminar Topic: Now a day’s the Bluetooth device has become and generates a great importance in the daily needs of the people’s. The users require Bluetooth after each and every successful work to transfer the data or to communicate with the other person totally free and with less cost(…)

Electrical Seminar Topic on Transformers

Wound magnetic devices are designed to transfer of energy over a wide frequency range. Usually broadband transformers are wound on ferrite rods and threads. This is used in the equipment of Telecomm. Binocular cores and Balun are used for broadband transformers and it must accommodate RF power. Conventional and transmission-line types are the two kinds(…)