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Automatic Solar Panel

In our project Automatic Solar Panel we implemented an automatic sun tracking system by utilizing the services of light dependent resistor, the LDR’s position is monitored by the micro controller based on this the angular movements of the DC motor is controlled. It is an intelligent solar power generation system because it generates the energy(…)

Wireless Petroleum Level Indicator Project Report

Now a day’s the wireless and embedded technologies are enormously used in security managing systems. Here in this project “Wireless Petroleum Level Indicator”, we implemented an AT89S52 Microcontroller based tank level monitoring system for monitoring the fuel level in the tank and to control the thefts. The system is comprised of Microcontroller, RF Transmitter and(…)

Laser Communication System Project Report

Laser communication system Project Report explains about new advanced communication strategy in the field of wireless communication. Several communication technologies are developed in recent days apart from those technologies lased communication systems having enormous applications. These are next generation communication systems which had taken origin from the fiber optic systems. By implementing these networks we(…)

Wireless LED Project Report

The main objective of Wireless LED project is to develop a wireless communication network operated for limited range of distances. So we implemented a “Laser based voice communication system” similar to the optical fiber communication system. Wireless LED Project Aim of the Laser communication system: To facilitate interference free transmission of voice signals. To maintain(…)

Density Based Traffic Light Control System Report

In this density based traffic light control system project we presented an micro controller based traffic density controller for solving issues in existing system. Density Based Traffic Light Control System Now a day’s traffic controlling in the urban areas is becoming very difficult due to enormous increase of automobiles. So in order to rectify this(…)

Smart Antenna Technology for Mobile Communication Systems

Introduction: In mobile communication networks we find antennas which work in Omni directional pattern. Due to Omni direction antennas the signals gets transmitted in all the directions but due to this we cannot find the same signal strength in all the directions. As all the antennas are Omni directional we find interference of the signals(…)

Wireless Power Transmission for Solar Power Satellites Seminar

Introduction to Wireless Power Transmission for Solar Power Satellites: Due to growing need for energy sources we need to look for power generation sources. The fossil fuels are getting extinct so there is need for search of renewable sources for power generation. In this Wireless Power Transmission for Solar Power Satellites Seminar paper we will look(…)

IABP Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump Seminar Topic

Seminar Title: IABP Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump Seminar Topic Introduction: IABP Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump is the device that is used in the cardiac applications. They are used in the medical field for the operation like heart transplant, coronary artery bypass surgery. They are also used in the pharmacotherapy for helping the ventricular functions. They are used in(…)