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'ECE Technical Seminar PPT' Category

B.tech electronics and communication students can select best ece technical seminar topic and idea and download ppt documentation for reference. Students can find ECE Technical Seminar topics on wireless communication, GPS, GSM, Mobile technology and many latest topics.

  • Electronics and Communication Engineering Seminar Idea on Cuckoo Search View Here

    This paper displays a manufactured neural system-based methodology (ANN) for reactive power (VAR) improvement of interconnected power frameworks. The reactive power assets are planned to minimize the aggregate transmission misfortunes of the system. The recommended ANN for this academic work is a several-layer food-send system with a sigmoid transfer method. Special stacking states of reactive […]

  • Network of GPS System Block Diagram View Here

    GPS stands of global positioning system. The GPS services include SPS- for the open and unrestricted civil use and PPS- for the authorised users. The GPS segments include the segment based on space called Space segment, segment based on Control called Control segment and segment based on user called User segment. The GPS provides various […]

  • Technical ECE Seminar Report on GPRS View Here

    Introduction to Technical ECE Seminar Topic on GPRS: The paper is about the GPRS. All the organizations which are either small or either medium or even the large scale is finding measures, so that the network traffic can be controlled in such a way that the flow of resources is good so that the operations can […]

  • Future Satellite Communication B.tech Seminar Topics with Report for Electronics Students View Here

    The paper provides the different techniques which are being developed for providing the reliable and also for providing the communications which are affordable of satellites. This satellite services ranges for the military applications such as jets to that of the transport aircraft.   This paper also explains about the frequency which is high called super […]

  • Final Year Technical Seminar Topic on Shape Memory Alloys with Report View Here

    Introduction to Shape Memory Alloys Technical Seminar Topic: An alloy is a homogeneous mixture of two or more metals. Shape memory alloys are metals that never lose their original shape. The standard feature of shape memory alloy is martensitic phase transformation. Martensitic transformation follows deformation of crystal lattice and diffusion less process. Deformation is alteration of […]

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