ECE Technical Seminar PPT electronics and communication students can select best ece technical seminar topic and idea and download ppt documentation for reference. Students can find ECE Technical Seminar topics on wireless communication, GPS, GSM, Mobile technology and many latest topics.

Microcontroller Based Automated Irrigation System Project Report

A high populated country like India has to meet the increasing demand for food so irrigation in India should be highly sophisticated in terms of yielding additional food grains. Keeping this mind we implemented a Microcontroller Based Automated Irrigation System. This is an improved food production technology and makes full use of agricultural resources. Proper prediction(…)

Artificial Intelligence Seminar Report

Artificial intelligence seminar topic covers detailed information on requirements of an artificial intelligence system , areas of artificial intelligence. Students can refer to Seminar  presentation on related topic  with  free PPT download. Interesting Features in Artificial Intelligence: The speed of computation and neural networks are some of the features that make a system more intelligent.(…)

Wireless Communication Seminar Topic

Wireless communication seminar topic and report consists of Introduction to zigbee wireless technology Comparing different wireless technologies Data transfer methods. In this paper we presented a new ZIGBEE based wireless communication system. In recent days wireless technologies findings enormous applications in the field of telecommunication systems, here the data is transferred without the usage of(…)

Wireless LED Project Report

The main objective of Wireless LED project is to develop a wireless communication network operated for limited range of distances. So we implemented a “Laser based voice communication system” similar to the optical fiber communication system. Wireless LED Project Aim of the Laser communication system: To facilitate interference free transmission of voice signals. To maintain(…)

Remote Controlled Fan Regulator Project Report

In this paper the remote controlled fan regulator project gives a better solution in order to access the electrical appliances in very quick time. Recently micro controller based automation strategies creating tremendous changes in this particular field. Remote Controlled Fan Regulator In present day industrial automation wireless technologies are playing a vital role in appliance(…)

Wireless Networks Seminar

Introduction to wireless networks: For any communication network it requires a medium for transmission of the signals. Previously wired networks are used in which cables are used for transmission of the signals and due to advancements in technology wireless networks are introduced in which the information signals are transmitted using free space. In this Wireless(…)

Satellite Communications Seminar

The ground based use radio frequency waves for transmission and reception of the information in between transmitter and the end systems. But radio can be used in satellite communication but they have some distortions, so microwaves are used in satellite communications. In this Satellite Communications Seminar paper we will see the frequency ranges used for transmitting the(…)

Low Power Design in VLSI ECE Presentation PPT

Introduction to Low Power Design in VLSI ECE Presentation: The electronics industry has achieved a consistent growth over two decades mostly to the advances in integration technologies and large-scale systems design – i.e. due to the advent of VLSI. The number of applications based on integrated circuits resulted in high-performance computing, telecommunications, and consumer electronics(…)