ECE Mini Projects

Electronics final year students can download latest ECE Mini and major Projects on embedded systems, micro controller , robotics , vlsi …etc with project reports and abstracts for free download. ECE project topics an ideas listed here will guide students to select best project for there major and mini project.

RFID Based Library Management System Final Year Project Topic for ECE with Report

Introduction to RFID Based Library Management System Project: The new method for data collection and auto identification is called radio frequency identification of RFID that enable to automate the process of business. It also helps in large number identifications of objects that are tagged using the radio waves. This system base on library management system allow(…)

Robotic Lanmover Final year Project Based on Robotics with Report

Introduction to Robotic Lanmover Final year Project: The implementation and design of a robotic lawnmower, yardbot is represented in this paper and the main objective is to craft a lawn mover that can mow the grasses in a specific area automatically within less than 20 minutes. It should also able to avoid collisions with the obstacles(…)

Remote Controlled Multipurpose Robotic Vehicle ECE Seminar Report

This paper presents a new concept “remote controlled multipurpose robotic vehicle”, in the field of industrial robotics these robots had found applications in product inspection and security where high endurance with speed and precision is required. This robotics is most emerging technology I recent days and a rapid advancement of this technology had invented many(…)

ECE Major Project Idea on Relay Coordination with Project Report

Introduction to Relay Coordination with Project: This paper addresses the design and implementation and the importance of relay coordination in an electrical system, the proper operation of an electrical system depends on the coordination of relay system to a greater extent, when  an electrical system under faulty conditions the protective device has to be operated successfully,(…)

PWM Fed Speed Control of Induction Motor Using PC Final Year ECE Major Project Report

Introduction to PWM Fed Speed Control of Induction Motor Using PC Project: The main objective of this project is to control the speed of an induction motor with pulse modulation technique; this paper deals an innovative way of induction motor speed control mechanism rather than the conventional approaches like stator/rotor resistance control, frequency control method and(…)

Final Year ECE Seminar Topic on Green Photonics with Report

Introduction to Green Photonics Seminar Topic: This paper addresses the importance of the green photonics in protecting environment; this paper gives a clean overview about the importance of these green photonics in the production of clean energy and solid state lightning with their importance in energy loss reduction and environmental sensing. This project helps people to(…)

ECE Project Report for PC Based Robot Controlling Using Wireless Communication With Ask Modulation

Introduction to PC Based Robot Controlling Using Wireless Communication With Ask Modulation Project: This paper represents the design and implementation with experimental results of a PC based robot controlling using radio frequency based wireless communication system with ask modulation,  in this the directions of the robot is controlled by the computer, the receiver section had an(…)

ECE Major Project Idea on Remote Monitoring and Control of Electric Power System with Report

Introduction to Remote Monitoring and Control of Electric Power System Project: This paper presents a new concept in remote monitoring control of electrical equipment through a web based networking technology, these internet based control systems are gaining enormous attention in these days, in order to provide protection for the power systems, here in this paper we(…)

ECE Project Topic on PC Controlled Temperature And Obstacle Sensing Robot with Full Report

Introduction to ECE Project Topic on PC Controlled Temperature And Obstacle Sensing Robot: An obstacle avoidance and temperature sensing robot which is supervised by the computer is presented in this paper, this computer based temperature and collision control robot based on the radio frequency technology, implemented under the embedded system ultrasonic technology for its design, the(…)

Out Door Wireless Health Care Monitoring System For Patients Based On ZIGBEE Project Report

This paper addresses a new technology in the field of bio medical sciences; it is a wireless patient monitoring system based on the ZIGBEE concept, as far doctor’s point of view it is a system which saves times by implementing multiple tasks at a time virtually rather than regular manual operations, due to the rapid(…)