ECE Mini Projects

Electronics final year students can download latest ECE Mini and major Projects on embedded systems, micro controller , robotics , vlsi …etc with project reports and abstracts for free download. ECE project topics an ideas listed here will guide students to select best project for there major and mini project.

Text Segmentation for MRC Document Compression ECE Matlab Project

For the document compression a particular framework known as the mixed raster content or MRC in short. This can improve the quality trade off in comparison to the lossy algorithm that are traditionally used for compression. The separation of the document into the background and foreground is made possible only with the help of the MRC compression.(…)

Study of Synthesis Tools Using Half Adder and Full Adder

Synthesis is a mechanical system for changing over a higher level reflection to an easier level reflection. The synthesis devices undercover enlist transfer level (RTL) portrayal to entryway level net posts. These entryway level net posts comprise of interconnected door level macro cells. These entryway level net posts as of now might be enhanced for(…)

Stop Global Warming Web Portal Java Project Report

Introduction to Stop Global Warming Web Portal  Project: This is a social homepage for swaying individuals to avoid different contamination causative. It deals with the standards of wellbeing announcement and fortifying the social norms. It not just makes the users attentive to the maladies brought about but additionally how to avert them. It support, direct and partake in(…)

Speed Factory Automated Checkpoint Log System for Bike Races Microcontroller Project Report

Adding RFID is the main object of this project for every participant of biking in rally and to set up a micro controller that is based on the readers of RFID at various checkpoints all along the route. The boards of micro controllers are equipped with RRTC or real clock time to keep a track(…)

MicroController Based ECE Project Report on Smart Junction with Circuit Diagram

Introduction to MicroController Based ECE Project on Smart Junction: With the economic growth of the global transportation acts as an instrumental and it happened since the start of the early civilization that is known to man. The major impact on the economy of the country happened due to the management of traffic. The discovery of Information(…)

ECG Tele Monitoring B.Tech ECE Final Year Project Report

Introduction to ECG Tele Monitoring Project: This paper presents a new revolutionary concept in the field of medical sciences, with the rapid advancement of electronics in medical applications has paved path for the invention of a virtual heath monitoring system rather than conventional manually operated ECG system, here we implemented a new system “ECG telephone monitoring(…)

Wireless Petroleum Tank Monitor Project for ECE Final Year Students with full Report

Introduction to Wireless Petroleum Tank Monitor Project: Nowadays there are various electronic technologies available in the market composed with embedded systems and wireless technology for controlling purposes. The embedded system technology is one of the highest growth areas because these systems are used in each and every market segments now a days like electronics, automation, biomedical,(…)

Wireless Equipment Control Using AT89C51 ECE Main Project Full Report

Introduction to Wireless Equipment Control Using AT89C51 ECE Main Project: This paper had addressed a revolutionary concept In controlling the devices virtually due to rapid advancement in wireless communications and embedded system technology had paved path for new inventions in monitoring and controlling of equipments efficiently, these embedded systems are the special purpose computer systems designed(…)