ECE Mini Projects

Electronics final year students can download latest ECE Mini and major Projects on embedded systems, micro controller , robotics , vlsi …etc with project reports and abstracts for free download. ECE project topics an ideas listed here will guide students to select best project for there major and mini project.

Redtacton Technology Projects

In Redtacton Technology Project report we explain about red tacton which is a new revolutionary concept in transmitting data over a limited distance by means of the electrical field produced by the human body. In recent days this red tacton technology had made tremendous changes in the field of security and several automation activities. The electric(…)

Mobile Ad-Hoc Network Project

This Project Report on “mobile ad-hoc network” is give an outline description of mobile ad-hoc network nodes and its application with complete explanation of its architecture. Mobile Ad-Hoc Network Project Report Evolution of MANET: MANET is a group of mobile nodes into an ad-hoc network which terminates the need of centralized structures. Till now these(…)

Wireless Monitoring Systems Project Report

The main objective of Wireless Monitoring Systems Project is to perform continuous monitoring the patient conditions, and providing accurate information in emergency situations, the increase in accessibility in wireless technologies paved path for the inventions of new remote monitoring systems. Wireless Monitoring Systems Project Report Wireless Monitoring Systems Implementation: Implementing wireless sensing devices with high(…)

Vehicle To Vehicle Communication System Project Report

Abstract for Vehicle To Vehicle Communication Objective of Vehicle To Vehicle Communication System project is to avoid the roadway collisions and to drivers prior to the collision. Accidents are taking thousands of lives every day so with intent to reduce the adverse effects we implemented this project based on vehicle to vehicle communications systems, with(…)

Electrodynamics Project on Induction Based Wireless Power Transmission

In Electrodynamics Project on Induction Based Wireless Power Transmission Project we presented a new revolutionary concept of power transfer based on wireless technology, in this we transmit power from one place to other by means of micro waves rather than transmission lines. Electrodynamics Project Project Over view: This is an era of wireless communications revolution we(…)

Industrial Robotics Project

Industrial Robotics Project presents an brief idea about the applications of robots in industries, the term robotics is defined as the science and technology which deals with design, construction, operation, and implementation of the robots, and the industrial robots are nothing but the robots which are used for industrial applications, these are the electro mechanical programmable(…)

Night Light Saver Electronics Mini Project

Abstract: The Night Light Saver Electronics Mini Project is the best way of economizing the monthly Power (Electricity) invoice. It can also be use for controlling the numbers of appliances avoiding the flip-flopping of numbers of switches regularly, the concept can also be utilized for applications like automatic street light controller, automatic power shutdown in big(…)

Lighting System of an Automobile Project

Lighting system of a auto mobile project is a simple electronics and and communication project for engineering students. Main objective of this project is to design and understand how lighting system works for cars, 2 wheelers. Auto light project will give detailed explanation about project design and development with block diagram, circuit diagram, project images.  Objective:  To design(…)