ECE Mini Projects

Electronics final year students can download latest ECE Mini and major Projects on embedded systems, micro controller , robotics , vlsi …etc with project reports and abstracts for free download. ECE project topics an ideas listed here will guide students to select best project for there major and mini project.

Automatic Switching Of Induction Motor

Automatic Switching Of Induction Motor Abstract: INTRODUCTION:  Now-a-days, water crisis in India has been reached to alarm proportions and its wastage during transmission is identified as the major cause responsible for the problem. So in order to resolve the issue to some extent we have come up with Automatic switching of induction motor in houses,(…)

Stepper Motor Control Using AT89S52 MicroController

In this project “Stepper motor control using AT89S52 Microcontroller”, we implemented stepper motor controller circuit using PIC micro controller. The main objective of this project is to control the speed of the stepper motor in order to facilitate efficient working conditions in computer peripherals, business machines, process control, machine tools and robotics. Mainly in robotic(…)

Electrical Load Monitoring System

Our project Electrical Load Monitoring System and breaker with digital display using microcontroller,(project Report)  provides better solution for the electrical distribution networks in reducing the over current losses in power transmission. This system works based on ATMEL 89C51 micro controller in the control system. The present system is provided with a digital display for the(…)

Automatic Street Light Control Project

In Automatic Street light control project for on & off using light dependent resistor, we developed an automatic energy efficient device using micro controller based on light dependent resistor. In recent day’s energy efficient control systems are gaining importance due to the implementation of embedded systems in the field of automation technologies, the key elements(…)

Redtacton Technology Projects

In Redtacton Technology Project report we explain about red tacton which is a new revolutionary concept in transmitting data over a limited distance by means of the electrical field produced by the human body. In recent days this red tacton technology had made tremendous changes in the field of security and several automation activities. The electric(…)

Mobile Ad-Hoc Network Project

This Project Report on “mobile ad-hoc network” is give an outline description of mobile ad-hoc network nodes and its application with complete explanation of its architecture. Mobile Ad-Hoc Network Project Report Evolution of MANET: MANET is a group of mobile nodes into an ad-hoc network which terminates the need of centralized structures. Till now these(…)

Wireless Monitoring Systems Project Report

The main objective of Wireless Monitoring Systems Project is to perform continuous monitoring the patient conditions, and providing accurate information in emergency situations, the increase in accessibility in wireless technologies paved path for the inventions of new remote monitoring systems. Wireless Monitoring Systems Project Report Wireless Monitoring Systems Implementation: Implementing wireless sensing devices with high(…)