ECE Final Year Projects

Electronics final year students can download latest collection of ece projects with abstracts and reports for free. Projects listed here are part of ece final year projects on embedded systems, micro controller, robotics. Projects listed here are best be final year projects with full reports and circuit diagrams. Students can also find ece mat lab projects.

Wireless Monitoring Systems Project Report

The main objective of Wireless Monitoring Systems Project is to perform continuous monitoring the patient conditions, and providing accurate information in emergency situations, the increase in accessibility in wireless technologies paved path for the inventions of new remote monitoring systems. Wireless Monitoring Systems Project Report Wireless Monitoring Systems Implementation: Implementing wireless sensing devices with high(…)

Vehicle To Vehicle Communication System Project Report

Abstract for Vehicle To Vehicle Communication Objective of Vehicle To Vehicle Communication System project is to avoid the roadway collisions and to drivers prior to the collision. Accidents are taking thousands of lives every day so with intent to reduce the adverse effects we implemented this project based on vehicle to vehicle communications systems, with(…)

Temperature Control System Project Report

In this Temperature control system project we presented a new concept which is enormously applicable in industrial needs, here we proposed a temperature controller base on in modern electronic automatic systems the operations are performed sequentially based task embedded in the systems, embedded systems plays a vital role in automatics sensors and control systems. Temperature(…)

Electrical Transmission Lines Project on Simulation of Extra High Voltage

This paper presents the need for analysis of Electrical Transmission Line parameters in high voltage transmission lines, the electrical transmission systems are mainly classified as low, medium, high voltage transmission lines and recently we using extra high voltage transmission line for electricity transmission over long distances with a reason that we can reduce the power(…)

Robotic Arm Control Project

In Robotic Arm Control Project we presented a unique concept on robotics, this paper dealt with the use of arm control by robotics in modern day robotics. The robotic arm robotic manipulator is a programmable and also re-programmable multi function manipulator used to move the objects, small and medium size materials, various industrial devices as(…)

Electrodynamics Project on Induction Based Wireless Power Transmission

In Electrodynamics Project on Induction Based Wireless Power Transmission Project we presented a new revolutionary concept of power transfer based on wireless technology, in this we transmit power from one place to other by means of micro waves rather than transmission lines. Electrodynamics Project Project Over view: This is an era of wireless communications revolution we(…)

Industrial Robotics Project

Industrial Robotics Project presents an brief idea about the applications of robots in industries, the term robotics is defined as the science and technology which deals with design, construction, operation, and implementation of the robots, and the industrial robots are nothing but the robots which are used for industrial applications, these are the electro mechanical programmable(…)