ECE and EEE Project Abstracts

This category consists of latest abstracts which can be used for institutions for developing new projects for electrical and electronic final year students. Electronics students can download mini and major projects with abstracts and project reports.

ECE Presentation Report on Fully Adaptive Approach to Smart Antennas

Introduction to Presentation Report on Fully Adaptive Approach to Smart Antennas: Smart antennas are latest revolutionary future for the wireless communications in the coming days .the main aim of smart antenna is to increase the gain of antenna in desired direction Smart antennas consists of a antenna array that changes array pattern in response to signal(…)

ECE Project Topic on Load Monitoring and Breaker with Digital Display Using Microcontroller

Introduction to ECE Project Topic on Load Monitoring and Breaker with Digital Display Using Microcontroller: In this paper Load monitoring and breaker with digital display using microcontroller we discuss mainly the method to solve the problems caused due the flow of over currents in electrical equipment. The main aim of our project is controlling and coordinating(…)

Lasers for Wireless Power Transmission Final Year ECE Project Report

Introduction to Lasers for Wireless Power Transmission Final Year: Wireless Power Transmission trough Lasers by using lunar-solar tracking system is proposed in this paper. As per studies most of the electrical energy transfer is through conducting wires. And most of energy is wasted during transmission of electricity in the form of losses, on an average of(…)

Laser Guided Appliance Control System ECE Project Report

Introduction to Laser Guided Appliance Control System Project: In this electronic Era, by using these new technologies we can control and coordinate any system by means of passing signals recent days there is vast development in laser technology in control systems. The laser guided beam can control the devices very significantly having application in security alarms,(…)

ECE Mini Project Report on Laser Based Communication System

Introduction to Mini Project on Laser Based Communication System: Recent days the communication systems are changing rapidly due to this enormous development a new revolutionary concept Laser Communication System had arrived which was gaining the human attention towards it. The basic principle of operation is amplitude modulation phenomenon. In this process the amplitude of the carrier(…)

Image Capture Automated Toll Gate MicroController Project Abstract

Introduction to Image Capture Automated Toll Gate MicroController Project: Objective: The system has been designed with a motive to maintain a proper channel system for movement of vehicles in and out within an environment and thus ensuring automatic payment system using RFID.  Scope: The design ensures image capturing, vehicle detection and payment completed. RFID card ensures(…)

Design of Power System Stabilizer to Improve Small Signal Stability Project Report

Introduction to Design of Power System Stabilizer to Improve Small Signal Stability Project: Power system stabilizer is the remedial solution for instability caused by signals because of damping in the system. The design followed in constructing such a system has been adopted from Heffron-Phillip’s model. The modified Heffron-Phillip’s model which is simulated by using MATLAB/SIMULINK has(…)

GSM Data Communication System Microcontroller Project

Introduction to GSM Data Communication System Micro controller Project: The effects of mobile phones in all our lives are so immense that we get uncomfortable if we part with it even for a minute. A lot of technology goes into the working of a mobile phone. In India, we use mainly two types of mobile technology:(…)

Virtual Keyboard Using IR Technique ECE Project Report

Introduction to Virtual Keyboard Using IR Technique Project: Now days the technology is growing very much the actual processor are becoming old one. This can be seen in keyboard earlier keyboard uses hard keys but now a day’s soft keys keyboard are there, they are dust proof. Here we will see about virtual keyboard. Virtual keyboard(…)

Project Report on Simulation of General-Purpose Microprocessors USING VHDL

Introduction to Simulation of General-Purpose Microprocessors USING VHDL Project: VHDL which is known as high speed integrated circuit description language is one of the most efficient programming language which is used to create and maintain the workflow of data or the data flow. It was been established in 1981 and later the newer version was(…)