ECE and EEE Project Abstracts

This category consists of latest abstracts which can be used for institutions for developing new projects for electrical and electronic final year students. Electronics students can download mini and major projects with abstracts and project reports.

Blind Stick Robot Projects Abstract

AIM: Blind stick Robot projects main idea is to implement a application which can sense the vehicle path and trace details using a wireless system for a autonomous robot. This project use Infrared technology to trace the shorter distance objects. Infrared works as a remote wireless system which is mainly used for shorter distance communication(…)

Manchester Code Decoding Controls the Robot Direction by TV Remote

Manchester code decoding controls the robots direction by TV remote projects explains about developing a robotics application which can run just by a TV remote. Basically small range remote control systems like video and audio controls run using infrared rays which is just a light which cannot visible to human eye. So developing a remote(…)

Embedded Password Based Security Door Lock System Using At89s52

Embedded password based security door lock system projects main idea is to provide security for every home by implementing security system for doors using microcontroller. This project uses automated password system for opening and closing door. Microcontroller takes password inputs form keypad input and when input matches with the stored password then door will open(…)

Modern Home (Ac/Dc) Automation Using GSM Module Abstract

Modern Home Automation using GSM Module project explains in detail about how to control home hardware applications like washing machine …etc remotely by using GSM technology messaging feature. This application mainly depends on cellular technology that too GSM technology, this project uses only messaging feature to control home appliances remotely.  Mobile communication is the technology(…)

Fire Sensing and Control Robotics Project

AIM:  The main aim of FIRE SENSING AND CONTROL Robotics project is to detect the fire and fire using smoke detection sensor. The temperature sensor values are given input to the microcontroller. Microcontroller reads the values from temperature sensor, whenever the temperature exceeds the set point microcontroller gives a buzzer as a fire alert. And(…)

Telecom Projects

This category consists of Telecom Projects for final year students.Here you can download Telecom Project Reports and abstracts,telecom projects in c++. Telecommunication and electronics communication students can find projects on GPS, GSM, Wireless communication, mobile communication from this site for free download. Students can also download prepared paper presentations from this site which will be(…)

Robotics Projects

List of Robotics Projects: This category consists of Robotics Projects for Computer science engineering students, Robotics projects for mechanical students,ECE final year projects on robotics. Here we provide list of robotics projects which can be downloaded for free of cost. Download files consists of project report, project abstract and source code for few projects. Here are(…)

Final Year Electronics Projects

This category consists of Electronics projects,  final year Electronics projects, Electronics projects ideas, Electronics projects abstracts.  DOWNLOAD CAN BASED CAR AUTOMATION MICROCONTROLLER PROJECT REPORT DWONLOAD AUTONOMOUS ROBOT PROJECT REPORT A C++ Mini Project on Controlling Electrical Devices Using Printer Port Home Security System Btech  ECE Project GSM Cell Phone Operating Robot Seminar Report Image(…)