ECE and EEE Project Abstracts

This category consists of latest abstracts which can be used for institutions for developing new projects for electrical and electronic final year students. Electronics students can download mini and major projects with abstracts and project reports.

Automatic Street Lights on and off Using Light Dependent Resistor ECE Project Report

Introduction to Automatic Street Lights on and off using Light Dependent Resistor Project: In this busy life human had no time to spend time to look after each and every primary thing around him, in order to save his time and energy in everyday life so technology providing options like automatic control systems, sensors minimizing the(…)

Laser Torch Based Voice Transmitter and Receiver Block Diagram

Since from the very beginning of global communication through radio frequency waves to fiber optic communication the entire criteria had taken several modifications, recently by introduction of lasers in communication systems had made revolutionary change in field of spatial communication in fact I will the future for groundbreaking developments going to take place in communication(…)

Project Report on Laser Torch Based Voice Transmitter and Receiver

Introduction to Laser Torch-Based Voice Transmitter and Receiver Project: Right from the origin communication system had undergone several changes in terms of its advancement, continuous modernization taking place in every aspect of global communication. This electronic media starting from satellite communications had invented new dimensions in the field of wireless communication, research in these areas created(…)

ECE Mini Project Report on Laser Torch Based Voice Transmitter and Receiver

In everyday life man share his ideas and intentions by means of Communication hence communication plays major role in human life, the communication can be oral, visual or by audio signals. Starting from face to face interactions man reached to stage up to satellite communication , in recent times with a motive to transfer the(…)

ECE Mini Project Report on IR Music Transmitter and Receiver

Introduction to IR Music Transmitter and Receiver Project: With the eight octaves music creating infinite notes and it is really amazing and pleasing thing. Music is something unique and universal. In our daily life music become our part of life. Every day we enjoy the music at any time that may at home, occasion, parties(…)

New Technologies Used In the Maintenance Of Underground Cables ECE Project Report

Introduction to New Technologies Used In the Maintenance Of Underground Cables Project: Power system is divided into three parts. They are generation, transmission and distribution. Power is transmitted through overhead lines. The major power losses occur in transmitting the power from one place to another place while transmitting the power through overhead lines. Impedance and ohmic(…)

Intelligent Security System Project Report for ECE Final year Students

Introduction to Intelligent Security System Project: In our daily life we can find many people suffering lack of security around everywhere and for everything. If we see the daily news paper we may find at-least 2-3 news about robbery in jewelry shops, in homes, in temples. For robber simple man to a rich man all are(…)

Intelligent Metro Train Electronics Project Abstract

Introduction to Intelligent Metro Train Electronics Project: In metropolitan cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, etc., no of vehicles are increasing day by day as the population increasing. One of the major city like Delhi has been experiencing a rapid growth in population from the last few decades. So, the number of vehicles has been increased(…)

Intelligent Ambulance for City Traffic Police Micro Controller ECE Project Report

Introduction to Intelligent Ambulance for City Traffic Police Micro Controller Project: In now a days one of the serious and major problems faced by each individual is traffic jam. Traffic congestion is becoming a more and more critical problem day by day.  Main reasons for increasing traffic jam are high number of vehicles, the inadequate infrastructure(…)

Fire Detection by Image Analysis ECE Project Report

Introduction to Fire Detection by Image Analysis Project: The main aim of this project is to detect the fire by analyzing images. The process is carried out by comparing y, cb, and cr of YcbcR color model. The sensors are not used in this project. For creating Y, CB, Cr components from a RGB image. The(…)