ECE and EEE Project Abstracts

This category consists of latest abstracts which can be used for institutions for developing new projects for electrical and electronic final year students. Electronics students can download mini and major projects with abstracts and project reports.

TV Remote Controlled PC and Devices with Password protection

The main aim of this project is to control the computer system using TV remote in a secure way (password enabled). This system also controls the electrical devices connected to the same system. Instead of using mouse, one can use the TV remote from certain distance. This remote can perform all the functions that mouse(…)

Elimination of RHP Zero for the Improvement of Performance of Boost Converter

Introduction to  Elimination of RHP Zero for the Improvement of Performance of Boost Converter Project: We first revisit the small signal modeling of a CCM boost converter, and confirm the presence of a RHP zero in its control-to-output transfer function. We then explain the operation of a tri-state boost converter. We carry out the formulation(…)

Automatic Room Lamp Abstract

Automatic Room Lamp DESCRIPTION : First, let us understand why to use Automatic room Lamp? Now-a-days we are going through lots of advertisments of saving electric energy. With the help of Automatic room Lamp we can save and reuse energy. Find the simple block diagram of Automatic room Lamp. The above block diagram of Automatic(…)

I2C Protocol Implementation with RTC and EEPROM ECE Mini Project

Project Title: I2C Protocol Implementation with RTC and EEPROM Introduction: I2C is the protocol or serial bus that is used in the EEPROM memory to host the interface devices. They are generally used in the embedded devices that have time clocks and they are based on the real time systems. It can be connected with(…)

GSM Based Home Security System Project ECE Idea

Project Title: GSM Based Home Security System Project Introduction to GSM Based Home Security System Project: When we talk about the security the one thing come in mind that whether our home is secure or not. It is must to secure our home first then look at other things. Our home has always important documents, money(…)

An Internet Based Interactive Embedded Data Acquisition ECE Project Report

Introduction to An Internet Based Interactive Embedded Data Acquisition ECE Project: An Internet Based Interactive Embedded Data Acquisition Project is about the development of the embedded wireless system in replacing the existing wired systems. I.e. the zigbee system of wireless is being replaced by the wired electrophysiology system. The elimination of this cables which are placed(…)

Automated System for Determining Wavelength Period ECE Project Report

Introduction to Automated System for Determining Wavelength Period Project: This seminar topic explains about automated system which is used to determine the wavelength, period and the frequency in the highly developed branch of the telecommunications. Here the Wavelength, frequency and the period are the sub parts of the links that are related to space. It is(…)

Spectrum Allocation Policy and Issues PPT Presentation for ECE Students

Spectrum policies are an abstract subject that is reserved for the technocrats and moreover the NSP or the national spectrum policy is very important. The relevance of ICMT is demonstrated by the e-choupal in the society for simple farmers which has further given a hike to the farmers’ income. These farmers due to the introduction(…)

ZigBee-Wireless Mesh Networks for Building Automation and Control Abstract

ZigBee is a technology that is based on the technology of wireless systems and it’s designed on the basis of global standard to look after the needs of people using lost cost and power sensor networks. It takes full advantage of IEEE 802.15.4 and also function in unlicensed bands at various frequencies. On the basis(…)

ECE Project Abstract on ZigBee-Based Vehicle Access Control System

The system of vehicle access control is one of the most important sub-system of the residence section of the intelligentized department. Today there is an urgent need of emphasis on safety of property and personal property, control of vehicles, authorization of access and vehicle management via the use of computers. This document also describes a(…)