CSE Seminar Topics

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Brain Finger Printing Technology PPT Free Download

Introduction to Brain Finger Printing Technology Paper Presentation: The existing system is the technical device which works on the scientific technique to classify whether to check that the required information is stored in the Human’s brain or not. To check it has the special standard developed machine which is fixed on the forehead to read the(…)

NIT Seminar Report on Bluetooth Technology

Introduction to Bluetooth Technology Seminar Topic: Today’s generation is completely depended on computers and mobiles so the concept called as the Bluetooth is much friendlier to the people of today’s generations. Bluetooth has become the great demanded factor of the communications between the data’s which also permits the device with the each other by making the(…)

NIT Seminar Report on Atomicity Analysis for Multi-threaded Programs Submitted

Atomicity analysis which is used for the multi threaded programs. This system verifies the static as well as dynamic information and analysis which is used track the atomicity of the system which is mainly done in the multi threaded software. This deals with the two algorithms which are used for the execution process related to(…)

Binary Tree Based Public-Key Management for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Abstract

Mobile ad hoc networks are specially meant for the management of the Binary tree based public key which is in current working state in some of the areas where there is a little interest relating the self organized nature. This system is a proposed system of the MANET’s for the generation of the key interferences(…)

Aurora for Data Streaming Management CSE Seminar Report

Introduction to Aurora for Data Streaming Management Seminar Topic: Aurora is specially designed for the modeling the architectural plans and also management of the streams of data. This device is mainly made on the basis of the rational based database system which is mainly used for processing the data that is related to business and other(…)

Understanding Verilog Blocking and Non-blocking Assignments PPT

Introduction to Understanding Verilog Blocking and Non-blocking Assignments Presentation: The existing system is the type of the material which is a developed using the Verilog HDL courses which are trained properly. This procedure of the system is sub divided into two types like the Blocking and the non-blocking. Procedural types of the assignments are like the(…)