CSE Seminar Topics

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Analysis of OpenCL on CUDA Platform IIT Thesis for CSE Students

This Thesis is about the study of the OpenCL. It is considered as a framework where programs which are written can be executed on multiple platforms which consist of several units like central processing unit, processors, and also graphical processing unit. OpenCL is capable of performing the computations in a parallel manner. The parallel execution(…)

Latest CSE Seminar Topic on An Operating System for Multicore and Clouds

Introduction to An Operating System for Multicore and Clouds Seminar Topic: An Operating System for Multicore and Clouds CSE seminar topic explains about an operating system for the multicore and clouds. And also all its mechanisms and also the implementation are also provided. For providing the efficient computing capabilities for the user, both the cloud computers(…)

An Asynchronous Leader Election Algorithm for Dynamic Networks B.tech Seminar Report

Introduction to An Asynchronous Leader Election Algorithm for Dynamic Networks Seminar Topic: This seminar topic is about the Asynchronous leader election algorithm. This is the famous election algorithm which is used in the dynamic networks. In the dynamic network the topology of the communication changes frequently. This algorithm is used for asynchronous networks.  The implementation of(…)

An Alternative to Captcha – Video Captcha B.tech CSE Seminar Report

Introduction to An Alternative to Captcha – Video Captcha Seminar Topic: This Seminar Topic is about the Video Captcha. It is the technique which is used for implementing the content based video as the Captcha task. These captacha’s are being generated from various sources like YouTube videos which are uploaded by the people. The grading of(…)

Clustered Computing Using Single Thread Space Presentation PPT

Introduction to Clustered Computing Using Single Thread Space Presentation: This Technical Seminar Presentation is about the cluster computing. This cluster computing is implemented with the single thread space. Implementation of them has resulted in the higher performance from past some years. Their implementation is based on some of the factors related to the processors, even the(…)

Final Year CSE Seminar Report on AMD’S Bulldozer Architecture

Introduction to Final Year CSE Seminar Topic on AMD’S Bulldozer Architecture:  This CSE Seminar Topic is about Bulldozer. Bulldozer is considered as an Advanced Micro Devices abbreviated as (AMD) Central processing unit the codename which is given for the server also the processors of the desktop are introduced in the month of October 2011. The processor(…)

Hacking A New Perspective PPT Presentation

Introduction to Hacking A New Perspective Technical Seminar Presentation: In Hacking A New Perspective Technical Seminar Presentation we discuss about hacking and understanding hacking objectives, also the techniques which are involved in hacking and also the dangers caused to our computer system.  Hacker is a word which has two meanings i.e. a hacker is one who likes(…)

CSE Seminar Idea on The Keyed-Hash Message Authentication Code (HMAC)

Introduction to CSE Seminar Idea on The Keyed-Hash Message Authentication Code (HMAC) : The paper is about implementation of HMAC. This mechanism can be implemented with any approach of the cryptography with a shared secret key. The strength of the HMAC is dependent on the hash function properties. The standard HMAC is used for applications which(…)