CSE Seminar Topics

Download All Computer Science Engineering Seminar Topics, Technical Presentations, White Papers, Paper Presentations, ppt’s. Here we cover latest topics and provide idea for cse students to chose best topic for final year seminar topic.

CSE Seminar Report on Near Me Area Network Security

Introduction : This Near Me Area Network Security Computer Science Seminar Report explains about NAN Network. When we talk about network then there are many choices like LAN, MAN and WAN. Each has their own functions and implemented as they require. Now the populations is increasing very fast, so new features are added to the mobile devices(…)

CSE Seminar Ideas from IEEE Journal Technology

Minimum distance packet forwarding: The IEEE technology for simulation project is used for the simulation of the packet forwarding techniques that is used for the searching application on the network(P2P) and it also used OMNeT++3.2 tool. This technique was taken from the technique that was published in the paper of IEEE transaction. Endpoint admission control:(…)

Hyper Text Markup Language Notes

Introduction : Web sites are like the source that is used to communicate with user by sitting at the same place and show them whatever you want to show. You provide them GUI environment and display your product or anything. Websites are designed in different languages, but the easiest and commonly used is the HTML. You(…)

GPU Computing Seminar Report

GPU Computing Seminar Report Covers: GPU Architecture GPU Computing  Software environments Techniques and applications Every CPU has its maximum clock limit. The Moore’s law says that more transistors can be set on the chips. Many of them have used more than one processor on the same chip,these more processors works on the basis ofparallelism.  The(…)

Generations of Computer BCA Seminar Topic with Report

Generations of computer presentation covers details about Computer devices and its generation is always the interesting topic. Every new generation has given lot of changes and many new things are implemented.Every generation new technology is implemented and the price and hardware keep on decreasing. First generation (1940-1956):in this generation vacuum tubes are the main elements,(…)

Latest CSE Seminar Topic on Android with Reference Material

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Android: Android reference material covers information about the operating system android. It is the operating system which is being used mostly in the mobile devices. A lot of new updates have resulted in the operating system android from its original release. The updates can be in fixing the bugs or even(…)

Analysis on Credit Card Fraud Detection Methods CSE Project Abstract

Credit card fraud detection Project covers different methods which are used for detecting the fraud system in case of the credit cards. Now days due to the rapid increase in the E-Commerce applications, the usage of the credit card has increased drastically.  With the high usage of the credit card system there could chances for(…)