CSE Seminar Topics

Download All Computer Science Engineering Seminar Topics, Technical Presentations, White Papers, Paper Presentations, ppt’s. Here we cover latest topics and provide idea for cse students to chose best topic for final year seminar topic.

MBA Project Report on Dividend Policy

MBA Project on Dividend Policy: Investment Decision with regard to long term assets is called capital budgeting. Decision with regard to short term or current assets is called working capital management. Dividend Decision A firm distributes all profits or retain them or distribute a portion and retain the balance with it. Which course should be(…)

Self Employment System Project in Java

 Self Employment System Project in Java provides a proper solution to the government scheme  ,so that  they could maintain full fledged details of the User,who had applied with respective to  place and location through the online system. This project also includes the specification of installments to user by the Administrator and the complaints are automatically posted(…)

Mba Project Report on Funds Management

Mba Project on Funds Management Overview: The PHOENEX MOTORS net working capital is satisfactory between the years since it shows increasing trend; but after that it is in declining position Profit Margin of  PHOENEX MOTORS is decreasing and showing negative profit because there is increase in the price of copper The PHOENEX MOTORS Net Working(…)

Smart Traffic Management System Project

Traffic management is the problem that most of the countries are taking special steps. Smart traffic management system project is a hardware and software application which will use latest technologies to calculate traffic and provide information to traffic police for taking steps. Project category: Traffic Management System Project Introduction: This application is designed by using(…)

Types of Computer Networks Seminar Report

Introduction to Types of Computer Networks: A computer network is a network which is capable of connecting two or more computer systems which can work together in such a way that the resources can be shared and work can be done together. A network may consist of microcomputers or even combine these micro computers with other(…)

Chat Application

Project titled “Web chat application “is a open source software designed in JAVA programming language using PHP, AJAX and MYSQL. Project Introduction: Live webchat applications had created a new trend of communication system between friends, employees, family, students, and customers for sharing information from any location. Yahoo chat, face book, Gtalk are few live  applications(…)

Online Ayurvedic Medical Store System Project

Online Ayurvedic medical store system project is designed in asp.net programming language. In this article we provide project over view about system design details, modules explanation. Project Description: Online web portals are best source for selling products. In present trend there are various websites which are selling ayurvedic products through online. Using this project we(…)

Difference Between 3G and WI – FI PPT Presentation for CSE Students

Introduction to Difference Between 3G and WI – FI PPT Presentation: This document helps us to learn the most widely used technologies for internet access known as 3G and WI – FI. In this document we will got through following topics about his technologies in detail study about them, their working, their difference, their similarities, and(…)