CSE Seminar Topics

Download All Computer Science Engineering Seminar Topics, Technical Presentations, White Papers, Paper Presentations, ppt’s. Here we cover latest topics and provide idea for cse students to chose best topic for final year seminar topic.

Event Management System Android App

The main purpose this Event management system android app is to provide best event management application with affordable price and time. Users involved in this: Admin User Organisation User: User sends a request regarding an event with an estimated amount and the work to be done Organisation: organization if satisfied with the amt quoted accepts the(…)

Report Generating System Web Application

Project Abstract  Title Of Project: Report Generating System (Web Application) Introduction: This Report Generating System project is an In-house web application for Private or Government Research Organisations, where the Scholars, Research people would login with their credentials and fill their required form, Which would be stored in a local Database and a report would be generated(…)

Online Examination System Project Report

INTRODUCTION TO THE MODULE The project mainly intends to provide the insight of the functionality and behavior of the Online Examination System. This project integrates computer and Internet technologies for the purpose of student assessment .It provides the options of the examinations available on the system according to the user privilege. Based on the choice of(…)

Online Course Portal for a Campus or Organization

The main aim of this Virtual Campus Management project is to provide a Online Course Portal for a Campus/ Organization : Modules : 1. Administrator Module 2. Application Module – Student 3. Biometrics Based Authentication System. 4. Student Feedback System & Test Assessment Module. 5. Placement Co-ordination and Career Counselling Module Description : 1) Administrator Module(…)

Secure Data Transfer for Air Gap Networking

ABSTRACT: We mainly explain about the importance of data security while transmitting data on network. SECURE DATA TRANSFER is a .exe file which enables the employee of a particular organisation to encrypt and decrypt data for security purpose using AES algorithm. The encryption and decryption methods of cryptography used in developing this system make the(…)

Women’s Complaint Cell Project Abstract

Abstract: Growing violence against women is a major area of concern for the women development agencies. In most of the cases victims are deprived of their legal rights and protections available in the law due to ignorance of legal procedures and apprehensions. This Women’s Complaint Cell project aims to provide legal and  medical aid plus counseling(…)

Job Satisfaction of the Employees Project

NEED FOR THE STUDY : Job satisfaction of the employees is important if the employees are satisfied then only the organization can function smoothly increases its production, faces competition. If employees are satisfied with their job they will carry a positive attitude. Hence the study has been undertaken to assess the employee job satisfaction which(…)

My Nearest Offers Android Application

Overview: The main objective of this Android project is “My Nearest Offers”.  Now a days mobile app are being played a vital role in our life’s, by using this mobile app it will locate all the running offers around us. Existing System: The present existing system is either we have to go to malls, supermarket(…)

Online Evaluation System Project PPT

Online Evaluation System Project PPT consists of project design details, data flow diagram, screen shots, sequence diagram, Flow chart, Existing and proposed system overview. Students can download full project source code and project report from below reference links. Disadvantages of the Existing System: Existing system was not user-friendly System was not well organized and precise(…)