CSE Technical Seminar PPT

Computer science and information technology students can find list of cse technical seminar presentations and reports for free download. Paper presentations listed here of latest 2012 topics.

Holographic Memory Seminar

Holographic Memory seminar report consists of Abstract creating hologram Retrieving hologram Recording of data in holographic memory system Computer Memory storage is most important concern for people using computers. Larger companies which need more data storage space they use data centers which store large storage systems for them. They also provide solution as holographic memory.(…)

Asynchronous Transfer Mode PPT Presentation

Asynchronous Transfer Mode PPT Presentation Over View: Asynchronous Transfer Mode is also known as asynchronous transfer mode and it runs at very high speed and low cost. It helps in transmission technology for video, audio, television and voice. It also delivers high transmission capacity at different speed. It provides the delivery speed of 155 Mbps to(…)

X-Ray Technical PPT Presentation

Introduction X-Ray beams were identified by the German physicist Will elm Conrad Rontgen in November 1895. He called the ‘revamped sort of flash’ or X-flashes, X for the unknown. their convenience to envision the inward life structures of people was made. Today, imaging with X-flashes is possibly the most regularly utilized demonstrative apparatus with the(…)

Peer-To-Peer Video Streaming over the Internet PPT

Peer-To-Peer Video Streaming Introduction: The World Wide Web (WWW) could be thought about as an expansive conveyed qualified information framework that furnishes access to offer information protests universally Web reserving is a well-known system suggested for allaying the embodiment of a situation. It offers to diminish the client reaction time, avert the system from occupied(…)

Data Clustering Techniques PPT

Data clustering techniques PPT covers over view about different types of clustering methods used and explanation about their methods. Data Clustering means collection of useful data into the groups. These groups are called clusters. It means classification of similar type of data. This reduces the complexity of the data and also reduces the number of(…)

Private Branch Exchange PPT

The private branch exchange a mechanism for switching telephone calls within a rising. For example office, block or industrial facility. When PBXs were mechanized, the chaperon manually associated both the inquisitor and the individual being called by physically embedding a string. PABX is basically a mechanical form of the PBX. The PABX is in addition speedier with(…)