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Student Management System Project with DFD Diagram

Introduction to Student Management System Project: It is a programming which is accommodating for people and also the school powers. In the present framework every last trace of the exercises are finished manually. It’s absolutely prolonged and excessive. Our Student Management System bargains with the different actions identified with the learners. There are basically 3 modules(…)

Steganography Application B.tech Project Report for Computer Science Students

Introduction to  Steganography Application Project: Individuals utilize cryptography to send mystery wires to each other without a third gathering supervising the note. Steganography is a sort of cryptography in which the mystery informs is stowed away in a computerized picture. Think about each one of these pixels in a picture and every pixel has several color(…)

IIT CSE Project Report on Packet Scheduling Algorithms to Support QOS in Networks

Introduction to Packet Scheduling Algorithms to Support QOS in Networks Project: The best effort traffic is made possible only with the traditional packet switching networks. Communication services are required by the newer applications and it also allows the end consumers to transmit data with guarantee performance which is given in terms of bandwidth, delay delay variations(…)

Signature Verification NIT B.tech Final Year Computer Science Project Report

In office automation recognition of software and document analysis is highly required. To process handwritten small samples with efficiency great ability is required and it includes those that are found on envelopes, checks and so on. In the current research this is the major driving force. There is a large variation between the handwriting samples(…)

CSE Project for NIT B.tech Students on Shopping Cart Management System with Full Report

Introduction to Shopping Cart Management System Project: I have implemented the system of order management and online shopping cart system in this project that offers a community for trading. At the same time it also provides an option to sell and buy products through the online shopping system. Registered users can only get the permission to(…)

NIT CSE B.tech Project on Server Monitoring with Full Report

Introduction to Server Monitoring Project: The way of monitoring the service is known as server monitoring and it helps in keeping a check on the client who are connected to with the server. Usually  the database of the clients who are accessing the servers have their data maintenance in the database thus the server monitoring also(…)

CSE Project Concepts on Localized Sensor Area Coverage With Low Communication Overhead

Introduction to CSE Project Concepts on Localized Sensor Area Coverage With Low Communication Overhead: For the transmission radii and arbitrary sensing of ratios we propose area coverage protocols for various localized servers. The time synchronized feature is assumed for sensors and at the start of each round active sensors are highly determined. The communication overhead required(…)

CSE Final Year Project Idea on Protection of Database Security

The correlation that exists among data can be exploited with malicious use and it can further infer the series of sensitive information making the data accessible innocuous. An interference violation detection system is developed that protects the sensitive content of data. Semantic knowledge and schema database and is based on data dependency. Moreover, we also(…)