CSE Projects

Download All Computer Science Engineering Final Year Projects, Project Abstracts, Project Reports, C, C++, JAVA, .NET, C#, VB, PHP Projects. CSE projects listed here covers different topics in java for final year students for free download.

Online Text Tile On ICON Tile Project

Introduction:               The project “Online text tile on ICON tile” has designed software which will be use by ICON tiles for maintaining the record of tiles that have been ordered by the customers. Thus a system is created wherein records can be maintained of all the transactions that have occurs with a password and login(…)

Online Promotion Examination Project Using SAP-ABAP

Introduction:                  The project “Online promotion examination using SAP-ABAP” is a system wherein the students can appear for the examination online. Its main goal is to provide a quick and easy way for appearing in the exam conducted by ONGC. This system is managed by collaborating with partnerships with agencies/boards that conduct the exam. It(…)

Supply Chain Management System a Java Project

 Management projects are playing key role in the software market if you are looking for a supply and management software project then this project can help you. Supply Chain Management System a Java Project explains about interconnection between product and service packages for the end customer. This application will store all movements from raw materials, work(…)

Port Scanner an Java Project

 Hacking is one of the biggest security issues on the web, though lot of researches were going on we are still facing hacking problems. PORT SCANNER a Java project will be one of the application which deals with hacking protection. This project is about scanning ports of different systems connection to your system and providing security(…)

Implementation Of Eccentric Network For Intranet A C# .Net Project

Implementation Of Eccentric Network For Intranet A C# .Net Project will be best option for a student who is looking for software project which deals with software company problems. This project explains about establishing effective work relation between team leader and team members which will be alternative method for manual work assigning method. Using this application(…)

Online Solution Provider a Java Project.

If you are looking for a customer service related software project then Online Solution provider a java project may be helpful for you. This project is about providing customer services  For software professionals through website. Using this concept users from all over the world who are facing problem with software or hardware can just register in to(…)

COMM4 Efficient Packet Filtering in Wireless Ad Hoc Network a VB Project.

COMM4 Efficient Packet Filtering in Wireless Ad Hoc Network a VB Project is related to Wireless networking and packet information. Wireless Mesh Network(WMNs) have developed as one of the important technology to provide best network access and best mobile applications in different scenarios, such as relief operation in disaster, ad hoc network help in convention(…)

Recruitment Agencies CSE Project

Recruitment Agencies CSE Project  is an alternate for manual existing manual process. As every sector is moving towards computerizing there services in order to achieve global goals. Human resource management system is one among them which is playing main role in maintaining database for employees.  As major companies organizing hosting services of HRMS. This project(…)