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Download All Computer Science Engineering Final Year Projects, Project Abstracts, Project Reports, C, C++, JAVA, .NET, C#, VB, PHP Projects. CSE projects listed here covers different topics in java for final year students for free download.

Smarter Billing System CSE Final Year Project

Introduction:        The project “Smarter billing system CSE Final Year Project” is a system designed for the electricity board. This paper has provided high level requirements for fulfilling the board requirements. This project should be utilized by the architect and the developers for the designing of the solution architecture. The main aim of the project(…)

Secure Online Management Examination Using XML

Introduction:            The current trend of writing exams through paper-pencil is pretty time consuming. This makes it very difficult for analyzing the exams manually. This also generates the need of invigilators whereas an online exam does not need an invigilator. The project “Secure online management examination using XML” is designed using this system. It is(…)

Secure LAN Communicator a .Net Project

The project “Secure LAN communicator a .Net Project” is an easy-to-use system for LAN messaging application. A server is not required and is easy to install. This LAN communicator identifies and works under Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista. This system comes with a host of useful features like message notification alarms, personal or group messaging and an intuitive(…)

Secure Email Transaction System a Java Project

Communication is the backbone of any business. Without exchange of data, communication is impossible. Thus traditional applications for electronic data exchange wouldn’t be enough. In this project “Secure email transaction system a Java Project” theoretical ideas of cryptography have been incorporated in the project for the direct sending and receiving of emails through RSA encryption(…)

School Student Management System a Oracle Database Project

Introduction:           The project “School student management system a Oracle Database Project” is an improved management system. It is used for handling all student details which has information about student details, subject details and personal details. Here all the work is computerized and managed by an administrator which updates and monitors the entire process.         (…)

School Automation Record Management System a ASP.Net

The project “School automation record management system a ASP.Net Project” is an automated system for managing student details. All details like college details, student personal details, academic details etc are handled by it. This system is high in accuracy and back-up is maintained easily. Only the administrator can update and monitor the complete process. The(…)