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Java Project on Travel & Tourism Management System

Abstract: The Main objective of this Travel & Tourism project is to make the travel easy and comfortable for the users right from finding the routes and buses to till the booking of the tickets. In this project, we have two modules, Admin, and user. Admin in this Travel & Tourism Management System project will(…)

Crime Management System Project PPT

Crime Management System Project PPT consists of functional and nonfunctional requirements, system architecture, Design over view, Screen shots, strengths, and weaknesses. Crime Management System Project PPT Overview: Functional Requirements Crime Reporting forms, progress tracking, proof attachments Facilitate crime and criminals search – region, crime-type, gender, age group wise etc. Missing citizen or valuables reporting and(…)

Optical Character Recognition Project PPT

Optical Character Recognition Project PPT consists of design details, data flow diagram, sequence diagram, screen shots and reference links to download java source code. Optical Character Recognition Project Introduction: In the running world, there is growing demand for the software systems to recognize characters in a computer system when information is scanned through paper documents(…)

Wearable Computers Seminar Topic

Wearable computers seminar topic explains about the technology that is wearied on the user body and occupies space on the human body. This is a device which will remain always with the user at every time and at anywhere. This computer is just not like the wrist watch or anything it is just like the(…)

IP and web Spoofing Seminar Report

IP spoofing means to forge someone’s IP address. This technique is used by many organizations for authenticating purpose. In the world some of the IP address is unique but it can be easily spoofed. As we know that in today’s generation the technology has increased so much. This increase in technology has also lead to(…)

Web Cache Seminar Report

Web cache seminar Report covers Introduction to Web caching What’s a Web Cache Kinds of Web Caches Proxy caches How Web Caches Work Location of Web Caches The introduction of the World Wide Web has changed the world so much. The web service has enabled the user to look out much information and he can(…)

Computer Memory Seminar Report

Computer Memory Seminar Report covers different topics on Semiconductor Memory Developments Memory Research and Development 3-Dimensional Optical Memories      Protein-Based Memory Since the life is coming on the earth the people have tried to record all the important events related to him. For this, the computer memory has brought the great evolution for storing(…)

Web Spam Seminar

Web spam is the thing that makes the web site corrupted. It may the website wrong rank that what it does not deserve. Nowadays the most of the people are depended on the information available on the internet. There are some search engines present on the internet that lead to the user in the wrong(…)

Wi-Fi Technology Seminar Topic

Wi-Fi technology means wireless fidelity which is a wireless technology that is used for the internet. It works on the radio frequency that it used a computer for browsing the internet to connect to the other computer with the help of the internet. WI-FI technology can be shared by many users for browsing the internet(…)