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Rainbow Technology A CSE Mini Project Report and Paper Presentation

Description:  Rainbow technology a cse mini project and paper presentation is, a breakthrough in digital data storage enables us to store up to a massive 450GB on just a piece of paper. Rainbow Storage is a group of techniques to store digital data in some colours, colour combinations and some symbols known as rainbow format,(…)

CSE Mini Project Report and Code on Avail Doctors

Description:  In the hustle and bustle of the city, where people can’t afford to spare time for many quite a many issues, health factor is constantly being ignored or unidentified. This ignorance , however is building on leading to severe and major problems affecting the health of an individual. CSE Mini Project on AVAIL DOCTORS system(…)

CSE Mini Project on Traffic Flow Management Using Wireless Sensor Networks

Introduction:      The upcoming field of wireless sensor networks combines in a small device sensing, computation and communication. This network comprises spatially distributed autonomous sensors which monitor physical as well as environmental conditions like temperature, sound etc. though initially developed for military uses; this system is used for civilian applications like habitat monitoring, healthcare(…)

CSE Mini Project Report on Multimedia Database Management System

Introduction:         The project “CSE Mini Project on Multimedia database management system” can be defined as a framework which can manage different types of data. This data is potentially represented by a wide diversity of formats on a wide range of media sources. This Multimedia DBMS provides support for all kinds of multimedia data types(…)

CSE Mini Project on Library management system

Introduction: The project “CSE Mini Project on Library management system” focuses on the development skills of user. This project is developed using relevant technologies. This project is carried out in groups where in students learn to work in a team as well as manage project schedules. The project is done by making use of the(…)

Mini Project on Keystroke Analysis

Introduction:         As PC’s and LAN have started being used for multiple purposes, the security of this system became an issue of concern. This led to the entry of passwords and smart cards into the market but was later attacked by hackers. As a result the password system has to be replaced by a system(…)

Biochips Tools of Ultra Sensitive Detector

Description: The research paper Biochips Tools of Ultra Sensitive Detector identifies various biometric procedures. It suggests that biometrics is a breakthrough research in the field of Computer Science Engineering. Biometrics is based on the conjecture that the human physical features and characteristics are inimitable. Speech recognition, voice recognition, retinal scan, iris recognition and fingerprinting are some(…)