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Bestows Tree Online Loan Agency System A Java Project With Code

Bestows Tree project is a banking related project which can create transparency on loan system between customer, loan agency and banks. In present banking system banks are interlinked with a agencies which will look after basic work on loan system. Customers should submit application to agencies to approve any loan from a respective bank. These(…)

Download CSE Mini Project Report on Bank Management

Computer science final year students who are looking for developing a mini project on banking system then bank management project report can be the best choice.  Description:  Account transaction begins when the customer is successfully logged in to the site. Several menus were displayed related to the profile of the customer and the recent transactions(…)

Download Human Resources Database Management A Java Project Report

This Project focuses on “Human Resource Database Management java project.” A software that stores and manages all the data needed to describe the personal and the framework within an organization.  It includes a definition of various levels of hierarchy in an organization, the salary structure pertaining to every element in this hierarchy, the description of(…)

CSE Mini Project On Morphological Image Processing To Forensics

Description:  Morphological Image Processing Mini Project  is an important tool in the Digital Image processing, since that science can rigorously quantify many aspects of the geometrical structure of the way that agrees with the human intuition and perception. What is it based on?  Morphologic image processing technology is based on geometry. It emphasizes on studying(…)

A C++ Mini Project on Controlling Electrical Devices Using Printer Port

Description:  The PC parallel port is a powerful platform, though inexpensive, for implementing projects dealing with the control of real-world peripherals. The hardware circuit developed can be used to control up to 255 electrical appliances using only 8 data output lines from the parallel port. Besides, the software program allows the users to know the(…)

Rainbow Technology A CSE Mini Project Report and Paper Presentation

Description:  Rainbow technology a cse mini project and paper presentation is, a breakthrough in digital data storage enables us to store up to a massive 450GB on just a piece of paper. Rainbow Storage is a group of techniques to store digital data in some colours, colour combinations and some symbols known as rainbow format,(…)

CSE Mini Project Report and Code on Avail Doctors

Description:  In the hustle and bustle of the city, where people can’t afford to spare time for many quite a many issues, health factor is constantly being ignored or unidentified. This ignorance , however is building on leading to severe and major problems affecting the health of an individual. CSE Mini Project on AVAIL DOCTORS system(…)

CSE Mini Project on Traffic Flow Management Using Wireless Sensor Networks

Introduction:      The upcoming field of wireless sensor networks combines in a small device sensing, computation and communication. This network comprises spatially distributed autonomous sensors which monitor physical as well as environmental conditions like temperature, sound etc. though initially developed for military uses; this system is used for civilian applications like habitat monitoring, healthcare(…)