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Steganography Project DFD Diagram

The existence of communication can be hidden from others by using the steganography technique which is the science and art of communication. This system do not able others detect the messages that are hidden in various ways. The word steganography is derived from a Greek work which means “covered writing”. It consist of a long(…)

Software Project Management and Monitoring System .Net Project Report

Introduction to Software Project Management and Monitoring System Project: The project Software Project Management and Monitoring System focus on the level of development and it also considers the time that is used for programming, design, verification, testing etc. Before this application was developed all the activities are done manually which take more time as well as(…)

Supermarket Management System Project

Introduction to Supermarket Management System Project: The Supermarket Management System is a project that deals with supermarket automation and it includes both purchasing a selling of items. This project is designed with a goal to making the existing system more informative, reliable, fast and easier. There are many reasons for the starting of the project because(…)

Silverlight Based Interface To Bing Asp.Net Project Report for B.tech Final Year CSE Project Report

Introduction to Silverlight Based Interface To Bing Project: A new cross browser named as silver light is used for the implementation of the .NET . This enables the delivering and building work for the media experiences of the next generation and RIA for the web purposes. It can run in well known browsers like Morzilla, Apple(…)

Share Accounting Package Visual.Net Project Full Report for B.tech CSE Final Year Students

For carrying a business banking a cooperative is need to be formed by two or more people who readily make investments to carry on with the process. The member of a co-operative bank is the shareholder of the bank and in another word, he has to purchase the shares of the company to become the(…)

B.tech CSE Asp.Net Mini Project Report on Student Web Portal

The Student Web Portal is the web based online application for the students to get the updated information of the university and to see the results of the examination and to submit the fee of the semester or year. The Student can do the semester work like to seek help of the coordinators and the(…)

Employee Tracking System Visual C# Project Report with DFD Diagrams

Introduction to Employee Tracking System Project: The Employee Tracking System is the systematic and the additional method of the employee management for the use of the organization. This is very helpful and highly useful. The system tracks the job of the staff and worker who are doing the job separately and in team for the development(…)