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Project on Airline Reservation System

Non-Functional Requirements of Airline Reservation System: Performance Requirements: The performance requirements are as follows: System login/logout and all transactions shall take  less than 10 seconds. Searches shall return results within 5-10 seconds. All Bookings shall be processed within 5-10 seconds. Application shall support 500 users at a time. Logical Database Requirements: There are various functions(…)

Airline Ticket Booking System Project

Airline Ticket Booking System Project was developed by Visual Studio 2003 with C#.net for final year Btech students, Mainly  it has the below functions: Flight Status function Accumulate Mileage function Redeem Mileage function Finding Deals function  Stimulus:  Flight Status Click “Flight Status” : Description:  The customer can use this function to check the status of(…)

Geo Spatial Info Tech Solutions A Asp.Net Project

Geo Spatial Info Tech Solutions A Asp.Net Project  main idea is to provide automated application for government offices for providing fast and secured service to citizens. This application is developed in seven modules where each module has different functionality.        Existing System:           The existing system is a manual system.  Here the employees needs to(…)

Gas Agency System ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server Project With Code

INTRODUCTION & OBJECTIVE     Providing the facility to the users (Consumers) that can make online bookings for gas cylinder to concerned distributor or agency PROBLEMS EXISTING SYSTEM     Through this existing  consumer unable to make online gas booking. For gas booking he has to make a cal to distributor and book the gas on. Data(…)

C++ Projects

 List of C++ project: This category consists of C++ Projects with source code downloads,CSE Final year C++ Projects for class 12, C++ Projects ideas,C++ Projects abstract. Students can find large collection of C++ projects and other projects implemented in other platforms which can be downloaded for free of cost.  Android Operating System a C++ Project DOWNLOAD(…)

C# Projects

 List of C# projects: This category consists of 1000 projects in C#.Net,1000 projects in C sharp,C# final year projects,CSE C# Projects, 1000 projects for CSE  C# Projects,C# Projects ideas, C# Projects abstracts.  Film library Dot Net Final Year Project For Students Picture Album CSE Project On ASP.Net & SQL C# projects on Email Address Verification System C#(…)

Picture Album CSE Project On ASP.Net & SQL

The Picture Album CSE Project mainly deals with storing the photos/images in a local system its nothing but a desktop project. It stores the images in a specified location user can see the images through the browser in a slide show. This project mainly has the three modules in the name of steps like step1,(…)

Email Address Verification System C# & SQL Final Year Project

Personalized mail distribution through SMTP is used to send bulk emails. This project uses SMTP protocol to send emails. Here, we can send email for more than one person at a time. In customized mailing system, we can send emails to a particular person by using the search engine administrator can search the email address.Here,(…)

Library Management System CSE Dot Net & SQL Project

LIBRARY MANAGEMENT Generally in libraries such as college library, public library, there exist various functions. The head of the library (Librarian) controls all the functions. Students, Faculty, including teaching and non teaching staff, clerks etc are the members in the Library.                        All the members of the library have some right to use the facility of(…)