BSC Final Year Projects

Final year BSC computer science students can find latest collection of bsc project ideas, reports for free download. Students can use these project source code for mini and major projects.

Free Flow Resource Allocation and Tracking System

Free flow resource allocation and tracking is a web based application proposed to facilitate day-today work allocation in an organization. This Resource Allocation application is more relevant like a project planning tool is used to affect the project plan including a plurality of tasks to be performed by the users in accordance with respective time(…)

Paperless Hospital Service Java Project

Abstract: Paperless Hospital Service is a system which is to register and store patient details/doctor details and retrieve these details automatically. In this project the data will be entered in electronic format by anesthetists in the hospital. This automatic updating process saves lot of time, work and gets information within no time. Introduction: Paperless hospital(…)

Online Marketing Java Project

Abstract: Online marketing is a project developed for selling or buying different products online. This project gives the top quality of information, advice and also tips for marketing. This project saves lots of time and reduces the work of the customers in buying or selling any product. Introduction: Online  marketing is a web application. This(…)

Online College Magazine Java Project

Abstract : Online college magazine provides a platform for students to exhibit their talent. This online college magazine can replace the printed version. By this introducing this project students get more knowledge. Introduction: Online college magazine is a java based web project where students can share their articles, read various articles, and promote literary insight.(…)

Micro Finance Java Project

Abstract: Micro finance is a project which has become a mainstream instrument for providing access to formal financial services for helpless people. This project is developed to maintain all the details of the users and to develop online portal. Introduction: Micro Finance is an online system developed to provide a online micro finance portal to(…)

Employee Expense Management System Java Project

Abstract : Employee expense management system is a system which helps an organization to maintain the details and transactions of the employees in the organization. This system maintains a centralized database. All the personal details and the transaction details of the employee are  maintained by this system. Introduction : Employee expense management system is an(…)

IT Service Help Desk Java Project

Abstract: IT service help desk is an application which will incorporate all requirements needed for the interaction between Project team and IT support team. All the information about the project team  and IT support’s will be maintained by this application. Introduction: IT service help desk is a web application which gives the solutions to the(…)

Indian Wildlife Java Project

 Abstract: Indian wildlife is a website developed in java Oracle database which provides awareness and conservation of India’s  wildlife system. This final year student project will act as a platform for wildlife conservationists and ecologists. This project also share the knowledge and recent trends about wildlife. Introduction: Indian wildlife is a web based application which(…)

E Gas Seva Java Project

Abstract: E-Gas Seva is a java project which is developed to provide services for gas agency of Indian company. This java project  provides an in-depth service for gas. Introduction: E-Gas seva is a web application which user can apply and know the information about gas online. This project provides an interface for the users to(…)

Vehicle Hiring System

Vehicle Hiring System Project Overview: This Vehicle Hiring System project is developed for KRM. KRM transport is the company that started hiring vehicles according to the categories for their industries and for individuals. They started with the small business but later they were expanded with their skills and innovations and now they have become the well-known organization. They developed(…)