BCA Projects

BCA students can download latest collection of bca projects in java, bca projects in vb, bca projects in asp.net. Projects listed here consists of project reports with source code.

.Net Frame Work CSE Project on SQL Tuner Project Report

In today’s industry as per the normal scenario whenever a developer or a programmer design or write any new query he have to submit the same to the DBA of any company for fine tuning. Even the DBA do nit able to tune it to the fullest extent and even if they become successful then(…)

Speed Cash System for B.tech Final Year Project for CSE in Java

Introduction to Speed Cash System Project: The Speed Cash System is the latest system of transferring money from place to place and that too within a single day. This process is used to speed the process of transaction. There are many informations that are required for the money transferring process. The transfer takes place from the(…)

SPDY Protocol Project Report for B.tech Final Year CSE Students

With the help of advancement in the web applications as well as the improved speed of the connection nowadays the environment of the internet is becoming more and more sophisticated. Still the base of the technology that is that layer of the protocol that we are using is not getting similarly updated as per the(…)

Social Network Java Project with Database Design DFD Diagrams for MCA Final Year Students

A social network is a structure that consists of organizations and individuals known as nodes that are tied with the help of one or even more kinds of interdependence like kinship, financial exchange, common interest, friendship, dislike, relation of beliefs, sexual relationships and prestige. The social network is a .Com that helps in expanding one social interest(…)

Supermarket Management System Project

Introduction to Supermarket Management System Project: The Supermarket Management System is a project that deals with supermarket automation and it includes both purchasing a selling of items. This project is designed with a goal to making the existing system more informative, reliable, fast and easier. There are many reasons for the starting of the project because(…)