BCA Projects

BCA students can download latest collection of bca projects in java, bca projects in vb, bca projects in asp.net. Projects listed here consists of project reports with source code.

Display Data On Thin Air Seminar Report For Computer Engineering Students

Introduction to Display Data On Thin Air Seminar Topic: Two techniques are used to represent the display technology and this is one of the latest approaches for doing away with the screen. The desktop computer monitor can be replaced with thin air displays. These can be used in museums, showrooms, trade fairs, advertisements, conference rooms and(…)

Room Allotment System Report with DFD-ER-Sequence-UserCase Diagrams

Introduction to Room Allotment System Project: When graduates join colleagues for the graduate degree they face a crucial problem of room allotment and it involves a huge array of processes and procedures. Depending upon these rules and procedures all the students other than the day scholars are allotted their rooms. This process is currenly pursued manually(…)

Vehicle Tracking System Final Year MCA Project Report

Introduction to Vehicle Tracking System Project: This is a Project work is undertaken in connection of incomplete satisfaction of the MCA. Because Online Vehicles Tracking System is connected with the lives of regular individuals essentially who are determined to buy a utilized vehicle and they feel a distinct desire to ask about it ,to check if(…)

Online Library Management System Project Report with DFD and ER Diagrams

The greater part of us cherishes perusing, and has a boundless accumulation of books. All book darlings like to share their diversions to one another. It’s a known reality that some of the most stupendous stories of the planet are imparted through books. In any case, depending on if you surmise that it’s ending up(…)

Hostel Management System Visual Basic Project Report for MCA Students

Introduction to Hostel Management System Visual Basic Project: Hostel management using a manual system is an onerous and time consuming process involving heavy workload. In the proposed system, one can easily manage the various functions of a hotel in an efficient manner. Things like, hostel details, student records, mess expenditure can be calculated and allocated in(…)

Grid Communication Framework Computer Projects in .Net

Introduction to Grid Communication Framework Computer Projects in .Net: Grid Computing refers to the applying of resources of many computers in a network to execute a process which requires a lot of computer processing cycles or access to large amounts of data. Ideal Grid is still a theoretical concept which envisions leveraging the entire computational resource(…)

Get Your Campus Computer Project in Java

Introduction to Get Your Campus Computer Project in Java: This system will provide a comprehensive online solution for providing prospective Bachelors degree student’s relevant information about various institutes, their courses and admissions procedures. Today many students are doing their bachelor degree from different colleges. Before he or she starts his or her degree, they have to(…)

Generic Event Organizer Computer Project in Asp.Net

Introduction to Generic Event Organizer Computer Project in Asp.Net: Event organizer is an application under project management for creating and developing festivals, events, etc. Through event management, users can study the workings of the product being looked at, identify the goal viewers, visualize the occasion idea, co-ordinate and plan the technical as well as logistical aspect(…)