Teleconferencing and Videoconferencing System Reflection Essay

Investigate the various teleconferencing and videoconferencing system available to you: Teleconferencing and videoconferencing is defined as a confrontation by the means of telecommunication medium. It is a universal medium for linking people from two or more locations TYPES OF TELECONFERENCING AND VIDEOCONFERENCING APPLICATIONS VOIP CISCO LYNC TEAM VIEWER BLUE JEANS SKYPE TELECONFERENCING:- Teleconferencing has various(…)

DBMS Course Project

Project report The DBMS Course Project report must contain the following items Introduction Give a description of the application and the database system      2. ER data model design Design the ER data model of the database in detail. o List the entities and their attributes. o  Specify the domain of each attribute. o Specify(…)

MS Project Assignments/ Masters Assignments / Writing Assignments

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Programming Assignments

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