ASP.Net Projects

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Online Mobile Phone Shop an Asp.Net Project

The cse students who want to do the project on web based application they can choose this project. The project ONLINE MOBILE PHONE SHOP is to develop an Internet based sale and purchase system for mobile.                 This project falls under INTERNET TECHNOLOGIES & RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) category. Since the project is mainly(…)

Picture Album CSE Project On ASP.Net & SQL

The Picture Album CSE Project mainly deals with storing the photos/images in a local system its nothing but a desktop project. It stores the images in a specified location user can see the images through the browser in a slide show. This project mainly has the three modules in the name of steps like step1,(…)

Emplyee-Management-System-VB Final Year Project

Employee Management System Employee Information System is the system to get the details of employee’s login and log out details. This will help the organization to monitor all employees’ information and this will be used only for a particular organization, so every organization will maintain this system for the employees. The administrator will give the(…)

Visa Processing a .Net Project

Visa process project is developed using .Net this project is useful for computer science final year students who are interested in developing web based application. The main idea for implementing this application is to provide computerization of  visa processing process. Visa Resource – a Very important Department in any Organization. Our Project gives the depth solution to(…)

Hierarchical Bloom Filter Metadata Management .Net Project

Rapid increase in usage of communication network had created a scope for developing Hierarchical Bloom Filter Metadata Management .Net Project to handle cluster data and increase performance of scalable computing. As the usage of network had increased in every field from all over the world which had caused storage problem for a dedicated commercial systems. In a(…)

Crime Records Management System a ASP.Net Project

Engineering CSE and IT Final Year Students who are interested in developing security related online website then Crime Records Management System using ASP.Net can be helpful. The main idea for developing this project is to develop a online application for improving complaint system through online for a police department. This application will help citizens to(…)