ASP.Net Projects

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.Net Application Projects using ASP.Net, C# and SQL Server

We have implemented Real Time Application projects in using C# and SQL server 2005 and 2008. Mainly these applications works like Web applications and Windows applications (Desktop applications). Academic Students can easily download and execute these projects on their system using guidelines and how to execute video file provided by us. Students or users can(…)

.Net Mini Projects for BCA, MCA and BTech

.Net Projects (Non-IEEE, Web Based, Window Based) .Net Application Projects List Online Rental System Course Finder And Allocation Management Tool Load Balancing Strategies Web Enabled Estate Management System A Wavelet-Laplace Variation Technique Traveler Info System Web based Cargo Manager Defect Tracking System Distance Learning System Education Loans Human Resource Management System project Insurance Management System(…)

Inventory Maintenance of Wedding card Organization

Inventory Maintenance of Wedding card Organization:  The System is undertaken for the development of electronic maintenance of inventory of the organization who works as wholesale merchandise of wedding and varied types of cards. The information related to enterprise such as transportation details, sales details, purchase details, dealers details, are maintained manually on paperwork. It becomes(…)

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Project in ASP.Net

Project Description: In this Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Project in ASP.Net, summary is being presented on VoIP system’s implementation. The most significant conclusion is as follows. In terms of service and functionality, that can be assisted, SIP as well as H.323 is almost same. Some issues regarding interoperability are expected between its implementations. Between(…)

Asp.Net Tourism Project with SQL Database operations

Tourism Project Project Description: A sample Tourism project which explains about developing an Asp.Net Application in layered architecture. This Tourism application has all coding standards in place. This online Tourism project is developed only for freshers and junior developers. It has Object Oriented Programming which helps Freshers and Junior developers to easily understand how project(…)

Mail Server Project in Asp.Net

Mail Server Project in Asp.Net is  a simple web based application which is useful for configuring settings of internet server. Students can download full project report and source code. Existing system: In present system when the user wants to configure the server the user has to do the necessary tasks on the computer where server(…)

Web Portal for Student Placements Project in Asp.Net

Web Portal for Student Placements Project is developed in programming language. Main objective of this project is to help students to know updated information about placements. The Placement Office (PO) of the Faculty of Design and Technology in RGU is responsible for placing a considerable number of students attending the four schools affiliated with(…)

Football Game Scheduler Project in Asp.Net

Football Game Scheduler Project in Asp.Net application is developed in programming language. This project aims to develop a web-based football match scheduler. Using this software application matches are perfectly planned considering various issues that are faced at the time of tournament. There are many features like adding extra day , analyzing results and scheduling matches(…)