Android projects

This category consists of android projects list, android projects with source code which can be downloaded by final year students. Here we listed out collection of android projects.

Enhancement of GPREC Application

Introduction: Today many students are developing innovative apps. Here we are going to develop an mobile application which is similar to our present GPREC APP and we are going to enhance that present app by using the android technology. This mobile app will be very useful for each and every student and faculty in colleges.(…)

Online Gazette Android Application

Abstract The Main AIM of online gazette is to provide a platform for students to exhibit their talent. By this project students get more knowledge. This Online Gazette application is not only for students but also to others who want exhibit/publish their articles. This is a java based android application where student can publish their(…)

Shopping Cart Android Project

Introduction Purpose The purpose of this Shopping Cart Android Project document is to describe the architecture and system design of the Shopping Cart software described in the Shopping Cart Business Requirements Document. The intended audiences of this document are the Android developers, QA testers, and system owners that will collaboratively develop the system and possibly(…)

Hush Up Text Android Project

Existing system In android there are very few applications regarding the steganography but they are not providing any security to the user any user can encrypt the data at the same time he can decrypt. Proposed system In the proposed system we are providing security to the user by using different algorithms like LSB2Bit and(…)

RSS News Reader Android Project

Project Definition Rss News Reader It is used for view Rss feeds from various websites which provides Rss feeds.Rss feed is a latest updated news of that website. Project Name: RSS News Reader Project Description: This application is developed for Android devices which are very popular and widely used nowa days. This project gives facility(…)