Android projects

This category consists of android projects list, android projects with source code which can be downloaded by final year students. Here we listed out collection of android projects.

Finance Management Android Project

Finance management project is a android application developed for managing various finance related notifications which are shown on the status bar of the mobile. Project Overview: Android is the best mobile operating system platform for developing apps. There are many financial related apps available on app store but this application is unique with best features.(…)

Android Ftp Client Project

Android Ftp client Android project is a mobile application developed for android phones. This application is developed to help users to upload files from mobile to server. At present there are many client applications like file zilla which is used for uploading data from computers. Project Over View: At present with the development of smart(…)

Call Blocker Android Source Code

Call blocker Android project with full source code. This application works as call block android app which is available in android app store. This application is useful for students for developing as education project. Project Overview: Call block app is useful for blocking unwanted calls by adding numbers from the setting tab. User can add(…)

Age Calculator Android Code

Age calculator android project is a education project under android projects for engineering students. Main objective of this application is to help users to calculate age by submitting date of birth with month, day and year details. Project Introduction: Android operation system is one of the most used mobile operation system. Main features of android(…)

Sample Android Game Project

Computer science and information technology students can find android sample¬† game projects with source code from this site for free download. In present mobile industry android operating system is mostly used in different phones. Because of its free game and other apps had created scope for developing new projects for engineering students on android platform.(…)

Scrabble Java Game Source Code Free Download

Scrabble game project is implemented in java platform. Scrabble game is one of the oldest games which have lot of popularity all over the world. Because of its fame this game was developed for different operating systems and mobile devices. In present trend users are playing games on mobile devices which are of different platforms.(…)