Android Mobile Applications

Download all Android based final year projects, student mobile applications for all BCA, MCA, MSc, BE, BTech, MTech Students.

E Campus Android Application

E_campus is an Android Application makes updates share easy. It often happens when HOD send any updates regarding the college to the students, but unable to find an appropriate way to do that. Information can be done by some other social network sites or by emails, but they are inefficient and time consuming. Since, this(…)

Online Local Ticket Reservation System Android App

APPLICATIONS As the Online Local Ticket Reservation System application is on android operating system and we are using android programming, We considered a couple of similar Ticket Reservation applications present in Google Store. Following are the list of  the application considered. UTS M-Indicator Mumbai  DESCRIPTION Introduction to online local ticket reservation system USECASE diagram SEQUENCE DIAGRAM(…)

Mobile or Tablet Attendance System

INTRODUCTION Mobiles are most commonly used tools in today’s world, mobiles not only used for communication. People expecting more facilities from mobile devices by using different applications for various purposes. For these need we are used Android development Application, it allows to design different applications,games in a mobile device. Android development Application is a frame(…)

Scrap Collector Online Portal

Abstraction: Scrap Collector is Web based Online Portal for door to door Free Scrap Collection and Recycling Service. Scrap Collector Provides different Sectors which include Individual House, Society, Organizations and Industries.Give away your recyclables used paper, plastic, metal, glass etc in a most environment friendly manner. Introduction Project Summary: Scrap Collector (SC) is the India’s first(…)

City Guide Android Application

Project title: CITY GUIDE Overview: City Guide is an Android application by which an individual can access through all the information related to city providing the details of Hotels, Restaurants, Tourist places, Movie theaters, providing functionalities like Geo location, navigation and reviews. Existing system: Most of the Existing systems are web sites and they do(…)

Instant College Updates Android Application

Instant College Updates project is an android based mobile application developed for academic final year project. Modules included in this project are: Admin Login & user registration Info Management Notification view Admin Login & User Registration:        This module describes about the Login process of the Admin in the system. Functionality: In User Registration, he(…)

College Alerts Android Application

This College Alerts project is about developing an Android Application .This introduce a novel approach for posting marks, attendances etc.and updating it via mobile application. The CNIS model will use a Semantic Mobile Environment. EXISTING SYSTEM Presently, for posting marks and attendance, the concerned faculty has to login to the website and do concerned job(…)