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Quit Smoking Application

Introduction This Quit Smoking application completely android based application like android mobile and android tablet. This application provides the user interface for taking the values like number of days and number of cigarettes. App will show the smoke level of body in the form of float values and also damage part of lungs image. Using(…)

Hospital Disease Management Android Project

Hospital Disease Management ABSTRACT Introduction: This project gives you the information about hospital management. The user can find easily by this application and information about common basic diseases and symptoms. EXISTING SYSTEM: When any user want to know about the basic information of diseases the person will interact with net or any other consult doctors(…)

Shopping Mart Android Application

SHOPPING MART APPLICATION  ABSTRACT Introduction:  At present world the moment of increase in use of the Smartphone’s and PDA’s, we could have a clear vision to make android application. This application allows the user to select the items related to shopping mart eg: Reliance shopping mart. Description:  This android application contains different categories like Electronics,(…)

Free SMS Mobile Service Android Application

Requirement Determination  Feasibility Study Feasibility study mainly focuses on whether the system is feasible or not.It concentrates on various kinds of feasibility such as the following :  Technical feasibility : This is mainly concerned with specifying equipment and software that will      successfully satisfy the user requirement. We studied our project “Free Sms Mobile Service” is(…)

Do Not Disturb Incoming Call Manager Android Application

Project Title: ‘Do Not Disturb Incoming Call Manager’ Project Technology: Android Scopes of Project: It allows user to define which calls from the contacts/numbers to be blocked, allows editing and deleting blocked contact list. User can synchronize the contact list from phone. Application allows the User to define Schedule in terms of date & time(…)