Academic Projects

Bakery Store Final Project Synopsis

The below Requirements for a model for Final Bakery Store Project: Minimum 6 entities Minimum one inheritance – with 2 subclasses Minimum one interface with one implementation Role based model – Eg., Admin and Regular users should have different functionalities Should implement CRUD functionality for all entities – based on user roles – it should(…)

Displaying Smart Phone Data Android Project Report

Problem Statement: Nowadays MNC companies are not allowing using smartphones in the workplace because the data is being transferred illegally. Due to this, the user is unable to know any important or urgent information. Existing System: In the existing system, some information such as missed calls and battery, messages information, referred to as device-oriented information.(…)

Online Voting System ASP.Net Project Synopsis

SYNOPSIS Project Title: Online Voting System ABSTRACT: This is a web page in which we create a voting system. We consider that all voters are preregistered by admin when the voter login for voting he/she can give only one vote. This project developed for threat free and user-oriented Online Voting System. Online Voting System is(…)

Project Report on Customer Management System

This Customer Management System project has the below forms: 1)  Form: CUSTOMER DETAILS a) When Consumer Applies for New Connection, the administrator will get all the Details from the customer and save it to the DataBase Table “CustomerTemporaryDetails” except Phone numbers and Load details all the information is mandatory. Load details, at least a row(…)

Mechanical Questionnaire System Java Project

Statement of the project To maintain the questions in the database and develop an Auto Questionnaire to conduct promotional exams for the employees. Existing System: It is time-consuming and difficult to conduct for every section. At present to conduct any exam question paper is being set manually. Proposed System: Questions are generated randomly with the(…)

Electrical and Mechanical Shed Planning and Work Distribution System

This Shed Planning and Work Distribution System project have got the scope to develop in other departments of Electrical and Mechanical Shed, like Spares department where information regarding the available spares can be stored in a computer database for faster information retrieval. Also, there is scope to automate the process of issuing tenders to the(…)

College Student Attendance and Staff Profile System

The main aim of developing this java application is to provide a complete school or college based attendance management system for students and profile system for staff and management. Faculty information is to be maintained securely and should be accessible only to the respective faculty and the administrator when required. Student’s daily attendance should be entered(…)

Time Sheet Management System .Net Project

The main aim of developing this Time Sheet management System .Net Project is to provide automated work Time sheet for allocated projects all employees in the organisation. The main Users are Employee, Manager and Admin. Employee functionalities: where employees can login with their credentials and view their details, modify existing details, enter new time sheets, view(…)