2017-18 Java Projects

Review-Based Rating Prediction Java Project

Abstract: “Review Based Rating Prediction” is a web application developed in java. This application relates to the features obtained by analyzing textual reviews. In this application the information retrieval retribution to analyze a utility function over a product. A product utility is a measure that shows how much it is preferred according to user’s current(…)

Electronic Highway for Singers Java Project

Abstract: “Electronic Highway for Singers” is a web application developed in java. This application provides a platform to singers to express their talent. This application provides the best platform to singers. This application allows singers to show their talent of singing songs by uploading the audio file in from anywhere and at any time which(…)

College Election System Java Project

Abstract: “College Election System” is a web application developed in java. This application provides an easy and simple way to both administrator and voters in the collect election process. In this application, voters can give their votes to college from anywhere and at any time. The administrator can add all the details of the candidates(…)

College Placements & Assistance System Java Project

ABSTRACT: This College Placements & Assistance System application is a smart web application which helps students to find easy placements and internships for different companies which are registered in the application. The application main aim is to unite the students and companies on a platform so that the searching of jobs will be easy for(…)

Online Doctor Appointment System Java Project

Project Title: Secure Web Application for Online Doctor Appointment System ABSTRACT Online Doctor appointment is a smart web application, this provides a registration and login for both doctors and patients. Doctors can register by giving his necessary details like timings, fee, category, etc. After successful registration, the doctor can log in by giving username and(…)