2011 latest ECE projects

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ECE Final Year Project on Pulse Generator Controlled by Microcontroller Abstract

The pulse generator is controlled with the help of micro controllers and it has several parameters. Timing circuits are included which is used to control the instrument operation.  The output pulse amplitude using a power supply source of the output stage of the generator. Pulse generators are used in troubleshooting. It is also used in(…)

GPS-GSM Integration for Enhancing Public Transportation Management Services Project Abstract

In this document a solution is implemented for increasing the public transportation management services that are based on the GSM and GPS in the province of Punjab in the country of Pakistan. This system includes of four modules: In-bus module, bus station module, base station module and bus stop module. Equipped with the GSM and(…)

ECE Project Idea on Friendly Home Automation System Using Cell Phone Project

Introduction to Friendly Home Automation System Using Cell Phone Project: This document introduces a system that is used to control the appliances that are used at home remotely by the use of cell phones. This system is known as the home automation system. the system designed covers the required factors in the system of home automation like security  flexibility, easy to(…)

ECE Major Project Idea on Relay Coordination with Project Report

Introduction to Relay Coordination with Project: This paper addresses the design and implementation and the importance of relay coordination in an electrical system, the proper operation of an electrical system depends on the coordination of relay system to a greater extent, when  an electrical system under faulty conditions the protective device has to be operated successfully,(…)

Final Year ECE Seminar Topic on Green Photonics with Report

Introduction to Green Photonics Seminar Topic: This paper addresses the importance of the green photonics in protecting environment; this paper gives a clean overview about the importance of these green photonics in the production of clean energy and solid state lightning with their importance in energy loss reduction and environmental sensing. This project helps people to(…)

Electronics Project Idea on Video Security for the Ambient Intelligence

Introduction to Electronics Project Idea on Video Security for the Ambient Intelligence : The Project is an application for the security and identification purpose by installing the video system to identify people and to track the people and movements and their counting in an intelligent building under the design of ambient intelligence or AmI. The system(…)

DMA Controller ECE Project Report

Introduction to DMA Controller ECE Project: DMA controller is a device which controls the system to directly transfer the information from one peripheral to another. The controlling is necessary because the data move very fastly even faster than a particle. For example take a black and with picture with 256 and 240 vertical and horizontal dots(…)

Hybrid Active Power Filters Electronics Project Report

Introduction to Hybrid Active Power Filters Electronics Project: This system uses low power harmonic and easy control and computation methods and the harmonic with high are filtered by the high pass filters this utilizes the APF and performance of the filtering is improves with HPF. We use small passive components. Prototype: when we talk about the(…)

Home Controlling System Using Zig Bee Module ECE Project Abstract

Introduction to Home Controlling System Using Zig Bee Module Project: There is a unit a growing range of practical merchandise certified by the Alliance for ZigBee Home Automation. This merchandise represents several of the each day devices employed by shoppers and provide the fundamental foundation required to form every home a wise home. It supports a(…)

Latest ECE Project Topic on Remote Notice Board Using GSM with SMS with Project Report

Today every advertisement is becoming digital and even the shopping malls and big shops are using this method for displays. This is an eye-catching way of grabing the attention of the consumers. You can also see that this method is being used at the bus stands and railway station for displaying the information of tickets,(…)