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This category consists of 2010 CSE projects titles and you can download 2010 base paper and project report. We had provided project execution demo video for every projects 2010 for cse.

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Full List of 1000 Projects Categories including .Net, VB, CSE, ECE, EEE, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, Chemical, Civil Project abstracts, Reports, Source code and All Final Year Seminar Topics with video Presentations available to download. 1000 Projects Categories: .Net Projects : Download All Final Year .Net Projects , Project Reports, Project Abstracts, Project Ideas on latest topics. 2010 CSE(…)

An Object-Oriented Graphics Engine CSE Latest Project Abstract

Introduction to An Object-Oriented Graphics Engine CSE Latest Project: An Object-Oriented Graphics Engine CSE Project is about the graphic engine which is object-oriented. Most of the users focus on the quality output and also the performance in the implementation of the graphics engine system. In this paper we have implemented object-oriented graphics system. And also the(…)

An Efficient Image Processing Method Based on Web Services for Mobile Devices Abstract

An Efficient Image Processing Method Based on Web Services for Mobile Devices Project is about an efficient method for the processing of the image in case of the mobile devices. The present system includes the limitations in the resources which results in the degradation of the image processing system. In the existing system the computing(…)

An Efficient Density based Improved K- Medoids Clustering Algorithm Abstract

The CSE Project is about clustering. In the process of the cluster analysis the samples are grouped based on the similar characteristics according to the PCA scores. The ANOVA is used to compare dimensions in corresponding clusters between PCA and FA.  PCA is a procedure that transforms highly correlated variables to a smaller number of(…)

Latest CSE Project Idea on Detection of Routing Misbehaviour in MANETs

MANET (Mobile Adhoc Network) is a collection of mobile nodes which are responsible for communicating with each other via wireless links directly or using other nodes such as routers. Depending on its application MANET may vary from small static network to large-scale, mobile, dynamic network. There are two types of MANETS: closed and open. In(…)

Latest CSE Project on MIMO Communications in Wireless Ad Hoc/Sensor Networks Abstract

Introduction to MIMO Communications Project: The paper presentation explains about the cooperative and the constrained communications that are based on the MIMO called as the Multiple Inputs and Multiple Outputs which works on the wireless ad hoc or other sensor networks. This is meant to the latest and the modern type of the wireless communication networks.(…)

Real Time Processing of ECG Signal on Mobile Embedded Monitoring Stations .Net Project

This document shows the problem that is faced with the processing of the teal time of the EGC signal from the end of the patients who are embedded with the mobile monitoring system. Usually two ECG measurement systems are used in the tests and a two ECG corbel along with a 12 channel ECG device(…)

CSE Project Topic on Real Time Face Recognition Using Step Error Tolerance BPN Project

In the image collection of data the volume is ever increasing in the various sectors of medicines, science, security as well as other fields that bought the importance of extracting knowledge’s  The computer vision has the main challenge of face recognition or classification. This paper shows the details of the development of a real time face(…)

Improved Performance Models of Web-Based Software Systems ASP.Net Project

Some resources are accessed by the web based software while executing the clients’ request. At the same time typically several requests arrived which lead to a competition for the available resources. Such situations querying is based on models and it is recognized widely. Novel models, algorithms have been proposed to limit the queue model of(…)

Latest CSE Java Project Topic on Fast Adaptive Fuzzy AQM Controller for TCP/IP Networks Report

Currently Active Queue Management have been proposed to look after the degradation of performance of end-to end control of congestion. AQM algorithms do not able to provide stabilization to the heavy network loads. In this document a fuzzy control algorithm based on the novel adaptive system is used to enhance the  IP network performance. In(…)