Project Report On Web Space Directory

Introduction to  web space directory :

web space directory project is a support and service providing application for IT network management. Using this application we can handle every day tasks in medium sized software companies. This application is a web based  portal through which we can manage customers support related information. Implementing this application is done is different phased considering security, report generation modules.

WebSpaces Directory information Management System provides businesses with IT network management and support. WebSpaces Directory will handle day-to-day tasks for mid size companies. The SIMS Portal is a web based solution that WebSpaces Directory staff use as an online portal to manage customers. The development of the version 1.0 will be taken up in different phases, communications and generate necessary reports with a secure, role based access and easy to use graphic interface.

WebSpaces Directory  helps for each customer some amount of space is allocated on per request basis and attempts are made to accommodate special needs. Customer can be Non Billable etc.

WebSpaces Directory helps you reach individuals in ways they aren’t used to seeing. Not only do your customer summary information, your company does as well.

This project to create a web based solution that will allow customers to manage multiple stores, inventory, orders, customers, users, accounting, and communications and generate necessary reports.

As scale of the project could be a daunting task to complete all in one phase the development of the solution will be done in phases.

Download Project report on web space directory  from this link.

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