Border Gateway Protocol (BGP):

The Border Gateway Protocol decides the best destination, and emerges with the database table(IP routing), datagram packets are only moved forward based the IP table, BGP table does not based on routes.

IEEE Project on Controlling IP Spoofing through Interdomain Packet FiltersAs each node is a distinct notation, the BGP will determine only a single best path. For deciding ther best path the BGP uses tie-breaking algorithm, this process is continued until the best metrics are concluded to forward the data to the destination. The below are conditions are considered while checking the conditions:

  • Always the first is treated as the best path, if any path exist after the first path then they are compared to the firstly path and selects the best path between them.
  • To check whether the route is valid or not valid
  • With the help of IGP (Interior Gateway Protocol) the route must be synchronized.
  • The route must be appeared in the table (routing table).
  • The next node must be a reachable destination.

The below menu will be used to determine the best path:

  • The highest weight paths are to be preferred.
  • Next, the highest local preference paths are to given importance.

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