Project Bike Shoppe

Bike shoppe is an online application that is meant to satisfy the basic requirement of a typical bike shop, this application is provided with a well-defined graphic interface, it is also able to manage daily transactions as well as manage all real time data and historical data. This application is also able to generate reports like report for monthly purchase and sales. Current systems available in the market are of manual one, which keeps record of stores and maintain leaders, book, brushers, etc. which is also very difficult to maintain historical data.

In this application most of the disadvantages of the current system are been cleared. Such as it avoids more manual works such as creating reports and maintaining it, sorting the data from the database, it is also easy to manage historical data in the database. This application is also able to manage all the daily transactions, can able to perform all financial dealing in a secure manner.

This web application was designed for an Honda shop which provides an interface to users to view the details related to the products like cost, description, image of all available models in the shop. JSE, JEE, HTML, JAVASCRIPT, CSS, JSP are the main technologies used in this project.The large amount of data is stored including the images since the database is capable of storing large data.

User are able to see almost the product and are able to see the brushers of the products and are able to purchase the product by online, or order for an test drive, and even can book for an product for this user need to be a registered user, this application also provides a proper security in online transaction, such that the user can depend this website.

Download Project Bike Shoppe Abstract.

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