Introduction to User Input Pattern Based Authentication Method to Prevent Mobile E-Financial Incidents Project:

Android is a new age software recently being used in the market. It is mobile based software, applications or operating system developed with the help of Google Corporation. Android used SDK to develop its applications that can run on android devices. Android provides better security than any other mobile operating systems.

It has very famous application used for security is pattern matching techniques. In this application use set its own pattern in the device and when he need to log on the screen of the device he need to draw the same pattern which had set earlier. This application prevents the spam user to use the device.

To create this application we require at least java 6,android SDK, eclipse that have supporting OS of at least version 2.0, 2.1, 2.3 and my SQL for data base. And it also depends on which system we are developing the application. Our system must have 1GB RAM and P4 processor and 80GB RAM and internet connectivity when required.

Development of such application is based on the several modules. First we need to check whether user logged for the first time is authenticated or not, he need to enter the password and that will be stored in the data base. Secondly he needs to draw the pattern that will be stored in data base. Third we need to check the new pattern with the pattern that is stored in the data base.

If the pattern did not match then he will be asked to answer the security question and if he fails again then the device will not allow him to access the system and if it used again and again then device might get lock and it will produce alert to the original user.

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