Project Abstract on Car Parking System

The main aim of this project is to reduce the traffic in the parking place. Normally we can see in the multiplexes, cinema halls, large industries, and function halls there is problem they have to go and search which line is empty and which line having place to park the vehicle, for parking then they need workers for parking in correct position it is the money consumed process. So to avoid this problem Car Parking System project is implemented.

 In this Electronics and communications project we have to use the equipments of microcontroller, Infrared transmitters and infrared receivers for each and every parking slot, IR receivers should be connect to the microcontroller. Here we are using infrared communication because it can support LOS (line of sight communication), and while enter into gate for parking there is the display to get the information regarding which line is empty. This information gives the microcontroller. The microcontroller first give the information to the IR transmitter then it gives to the IR receiver then this information show on the display, so by this process the parking is easy process. So the traffic can be reduced in the parking place of the theatres, multiplex, and in large industries and in commercial places.

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