Profile Configuration Settings in Ad hoc Mobile Nodes

The further step in the simulation process is to define the profile configuration setting and there is a necessity of the profile definitions in order to perform the application requests that are obtained from the mobile nodes and then alternately the traffic is been produced which totally depends on the created profile definitions. The steps required to define the profile configuration settings are explained below.

  • In order to define and explain the profiles the profile configuration is used and then the profile configuration should be selected by using right click option
  • The different types of the rows are added to the profile definition and then the single row is been added to the context in order to support different types of voice applications that are already designed in the previous section
  • Only less number of definitions such as start time as well as end time are been set to the alternate network which is explained in the below screen.

profile configuration

From the above screen it can be noticed that the voice applications which are utilized in order to set the different voice profiles that are alternate towards the row are created for the purpose of explaining the profile definitions. 

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